January 24th, 2008

a very delayed update. (i hope you like pictures)

so i had my dreads done for me a year and five months ago. i was waiting until i did a full crocheting/felting session to update, but i don't seem to be so diligent with grooming anymore.

although i absolutely hate hate hate how this picture makes my vertical labret out of line with my philtrum piercing. if i'm not making a face like that, it lines up alot better.
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finally, something!

Okay, so besides a ton of rediculous computer problems and not having a camera right now, I've finally made it up to posting here!
I really dig this community and I've been wanting to get some pictures up.
Heres my nappy babies at 1 year 4 months, I've gotten around to cleaning up some loose hairs, but not many

    If I knew how to do a sweet hyperlink to more pictures, I would, but I don't.
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Dreadhawk styling

Since my dreads are small I thought about spiking them but I didnt want to stick anything like glue or gel in my hair so I made spikes by rubber banding the tips. I only had the bands in for the day, I didnt want to mess up the baby dreadlets forming.

sample foto:

I figured we should have more pictures and examples of dreadhawks being styled in some way.

wool and dreads....

Ok so recently I became inspired by a dreadhead I saw in town her BEAUTIFUL dreads were down to her waist and some she'd wrapped with wool in the most awesome colours. I searched the memories but could only find entries about extending dreads with wool or felting wool into your dreads but I was wondering whether anybody here had wrapped their dreads, if so  has wool wrapped around dreads hindered or helped? Any information  volunteered on the subject would be greatly appreciated and a thousand apologies if I missed it in the memories. Also expect a post soon demonstrating the effects of felting my dreads 
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i am way too overwhelmed right now to do what i should be doing, that being packing. so... gudu? because you probably won't be seeing much of me for eight months or something.

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i shall miss all of your beautiful heads. ok yeah so um, packing now.
tree hair

oh my goodness

so, to celebrate the fact that my bum is actually in fact smaller than it was before, here are some pictures of my dreads (not my bum.);

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thanks so much all you dreadies, non-but-previously-or-almost-dreadies; keep on rock'n the locks.
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So since I've gotten my dreads two weeks ago, I've always worn them back at work to be a little more neat for the customers. Not a lot of people really comment on them, but today and elderly lady asked me to find something for her. When I found it, and reached down to get it for her, she said "I love you're hair, it's gorgeous." I thanked her for the comment, but it didn't really strike me as odd until later on in the night when I thought about it.

I never expected one of the nicest comments to come from an age group who are usually quite conservative.

Does anyone else get compliments from people you don't expect?

Either way, later.