January 25th, 2008

  • takunn

First post!

okay. first off, hello everyone. i've recently become infatuated with getting dreads. and i have a few questions.

1.is it better to dread short, or long hair? my hair grows really really fast, so getting it long would not be a problem.

2.what is the best method of getting locks?

my current hair unwashed. 3 days.
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  • gypsy88

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Ok, WTF.

I would just like to say a quick, hearty FUCK YOU to knotty boy.

Usually I do a shampoo, its a random rotation of dawn soap, Neutrogena T-gel, and various awesome Lush Soaps, Which I do everyday or, if I'm lazy, at least every other day.

Well, my scalp has been itchin like a dirty whore lately. I'm hoping its because my roots are finally starting to lock up. In fact, that's what I'm telling myself. If you say something enough, it'l happen. That's quantum, baby.(go see what the bleep? and down the rabbit hole! NOW!)

Many ACV and baking soda rinses later, the itchies are driving me even more mental then I usually am in my normal, day to day life. This, of course, is not a good thing, as it may lead to someone having me commited.

So, I figure, hey, I still have half a bar of that knotty boy tea tree oil soap in my big shampoo bar popcorn bowl (no. seriously. it's a bowl that says "popcorn" on the side, but It's fulla shampoo bars. it's cute.)

I lather up, rinse as usual.

Except, MY DREADS NOW FEEL GROSS AND DIRTY. Like I have wax on them. And there's no way that I'm just gettin residual wax out of them, because I have been washing them with detergents and dawn soap and baking soda and acv all sorts of things immaginable since they were 2 months old. They were still very very loose then. I stopped using wax at 2 weeks. There ain't no wax in there.

I rinsed and rinsed. The feeling only lessened, it didn't go away.

I get out of the shower, and they're frizzy as fuck. Usually everytime I wash, they're a tiny bit tighter, and a tiny bit more awesome. This time, I have a huge halo of loose hair everywhere, my ends are all fucked, and they feel a tiny tiny bit looser. Not to mention, they feel fucking DIRTY.

I'm going to be doing a baking soda+ACV tonight. and then have a pure water bath and just let them soak and soak and get everything out. Who needs to go out on a Friday night when you have weed, Amy winehouse, and Chuck Palanhuik to keep you company? Besides. I'm going to mushroom valley tomorrow. I need to have some me time to recoup my hair.

So. Hey. Knotty boy? DIE IN A FIRE.

oh. and, pre-knotty boy fucking my head up:

His name is Bob, and he understands me.
I want to steal him.
minnie noo

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I’m an off and on again dread head. I am the perfect picture of taking them out for every reason. They itched too much. Work will not like them. Significant other will not like them. Parents. . .blah blah blah you get the drift….. I am one of the beautiful posts: why I want dreads…..however, a whole lot of things went down. Cliff notes version: Married. Come out of closet. Divorced. Homeless. Heartbreak.
Hitting rock bottom emotionally. Hope. I see everything we have as a very wonderful pleasure now. I work a shitty job. I am barely breaking even and I love it. I wouldn’t change anything I have gone through and on the one year anniversary of being myself I just stopped brushing my hair. I did backcombing all the other times and yeah its all good but this set…this final pair will be natural. I want my hair to go through a wonderful process just like I did in reality. I want to just let them do there own thing. Watch them slowly form. I have no pictures to show all of yall. It has only been a few days. I will be taking pictures at every month mark…and posting but I leave yall with a picture of the when I brushed my hair current me. By the way….I have still continued to watch everyone when I was able to find a computer and yall help this Texas girl know that everything will be ok. . .

gypsy girl

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I've looked around in memories,
but I'm still having problems.
I've tried tea tree, and all of that stuff,
but I still am getting dandruff.

I've never had flakes before, EVER.
I think it might be because I wash my hair
once a week (now that it's cold outside).
The tea tree stopped the itching,
but what can I do to get rid of the flakes!
I'm pretty sure it's not a scalp problem,
because like I said, I never had them
before I got dreads.


Oh right, and I guess pictures - They're really old though:

kitty in a basket

(no subject)

i cut my hair off over a year ago. i made dreads for my first set but i'm letting my hair do it's thang. i dig it way more than making them. it doesn't really get that ridiculous like it does when they're first back combed--although i did get a sideshow bob comment the other day-and the knots that form are all over the place.
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Hey everyone

Ok, so after some days - maybe weeks - of consideration, I decided to post some photos of my dreadies.
I'm norwegian, so my english sucks, but I hope you'll live it through!
Me and the camera have never had good chemistry, so there are a very small amount of useful photos of my dreads. 

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