January 28th, 2008

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So I am staying at my grandmothers once again. It’s a bitch to leave when your 17 and return when your 22. It’s all good though because it’s a place to lay my head. However yesterday I was dozing off on the couch watching some western with my grandfather and I woke to find my grandmother and the hairbrush of doom combing my hair. It had been seven days since I had brushed my hair. It had started to tangle; it was a wonderful mess of thick brown hair. Now, half my head was brushed, half my head was messy. Slightly agitated I got ready for work not saying anything but listening to my grandmother tell me that she will continue to brush my hair whenever she can. I go into work and upon sitting on my upside bucket bitching to myself about customers and their stupid questions I noticed this plastic container full of little combs. Before I knew it I was in front of this small mirror backcombing a section of hair. SO…yeah…I am three dreads into it and I am still not going to brush the rest but if my grandmother wants to play this game she will quickly see that I know the rules inside and out. As much as I yearn for natural dreads I refuse to sleep with one eye opening looking for this crazy Cajun woman and her brush! I am backcombing them one by one when I am at work especially on my graveyard shift nights when I get 6 hours to do nothing. Shit sucks but damn its life and I am sooooo use to it. I will post beginning photos of gas station backcombing dread fun in a few days. I'm leave yall with a 2am photo of my father and I. Goodnight and good morning.


new tam!

my sister made another amazing hat!
this one is actually for my friend addison, but i'm wearing it until i see her in two weeks.
my sister promised to make me one just like it, or addison would probably never see this one.

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So this weekend I have decided that I will meet up with a friend and if we have time we will dread my hair.
I’m thinking of doing backcombing and I’ve read all the entries in memories, but does anyone have any videos that show it? I’m a highly visual person so this helps me out a lot. I know, I know, it’s a fairly easy concept, but like I said, I’m a visual person/learner.
I’ve also looked through the entries and a lot of people have said, “do not flip the roots”. I’m sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but what exactly is that? I’ve read the entries on that specifically, but it’s still not very clear to me. I want to make sure I’m not doing the wrong thing.

work and dreads

So when I first got my dreads a major concearn of mine was that I get really dirty at my work. I paint houses (interior and exterior) and at the end of the day I'm usually covered in a combination of drywall compound dust, paint dust, paint chips, and paint drips... in that order. Sometimes I look like a ghost covered with all that dust from sanding...

so anyways, I was worried I'd end up with dreads filled with nastiness... I tried bandanas and scarves and hats and such and I couldn't really find anything that was comfortable after a day of work AND really kept every speck of debris out of my hair... Plus I was hoping to find something that stayed put and minimized my dreads (while not making me look like a conehead or something)... also I end up with a lot of elderly clients and I don't really feel like dealing with the whole dread issue at work most of the time. So after lots of research and trying I didn't really find anything I was happy with until finally someone suggested the buff. http://www.buffwear.co.uk/

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dread hawk, cant figure out how to lj cut

So, there is new snow and that means great snowboarding! So of course i had to get me some! :) (snowboarding is my life fyi (and dreads!)) but i didnt want to wear a hat so i put them in a dread hawk lol

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Tomorrow will be the best day of the season, so far... :)
thanks for looking

P.s. i cant get the stupid pictures to be small! i am such a noob