January 30th, 2008

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I figured that if anyone could help me or give suggestions, you wonderful people could.

I sell insurance, and drive a shiny, expensive car. I have too much stuff, and I have never really experienced anything amazing in my life.

I decided fuck it.

I put my car up for sale, and as soon as it's sold, I'm quiting my job. My supervisor knows this already.

I want to travel. I want to go and volunteer abroad. Google has brought up a few good sites, but I don't know how to chose. I don't know anything about the world, I have only been to the states once, and I wouldn't know where to start.

I do know that I yearn for the jungle and to swim under waterfalls, and to go diving in the sea. I want to volunteer, and meet amazing people and see amazing things, and make amazing things happen.

I know that many of you have done this exact thing. Some have you have gone on volunteer trips, some of you have just gone on trips abroad, I'm not talking about taking a tour of Europe to see the Eiffel tower. I mean, Nature, people, making a difference?

Does anyone know of a good program, or group, or charity that does those volunteer abroad things? Can anyone suggest a beautiful country to go visit? Bali, Thailand, and many others keep popping up... I just need to be reminded that the world is still beautiful, and that I haven't missed out.


I brushed out my 4 and a half month dreads out a couple days ago, and I feel a lot better. I dont really think I was meant for dreads, at least not right now, but i will still continue to admire from afar! I just want to say thanks to everyone, because this is a sweet community and everybody is always really nice :)

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ey dreadcuties

Next week i get for the second time dreads, but i still have a question about wax:

did you use wax? what wax? how often?
if you didn't used wax- what did you use?

I think about using LETS DREAD 100 % beewax. i can easy buy this here in Holland.

super thanx!

after all the great comments; i'm afraid if i do it without wax my hair gets super dry... and so it wil break.. ?
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Getting help....thanks

I have been dreaded up for about 7 years now, and dreaded even longer than that (big scary black guy) .

I was going to post some questions about having "pros" do maintenance, I think I am either getting too lazy or the changes in my diet are finally starting to impact the health of my hair.  So that I wouldn't get the common "check the memories" response, I decided to search through them. I think some new techniques and possibly a change in my homemade "mixture" for my scalp may solve my issue.

My issue is that my locs have always been uneven, and seem to have a length "limit". At times I would even get asked if I have been "layering" them when I get them cut. Thats never been the case but I guess having an uneven afro in the beginning was the cause, and now I refuse to cut them all to be even (just feels wrong). I am hoping that some changes in habits will let me surpass what has so far seemed to be the "limit" to the length of my locs.

After checking the memories, I found what I needed here once again. So I wanted to thank the all of you in the community, for offering time and time again, all the answers I have needed.

Merci beaucoup

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Ding ding, round two...

Hello my lovely dreadlockees!

I am a long time lurker. A very long time lurker. Back in June/July 2006 I got my first set of dreadies and I did post a couple of times, but, to be honest, I didn't really like my dreads so I hid them from you; the dread elite. Anywho, I decided in December 06 to chop them off. I was due to go to a Christmas Ball and my dreads were all messy and it felt like nothing could make them look any good, so I got frustrated and ran to the hairdressers. BIG MISTAKE! Since then I've just been waiting until they were long enough to lock up again and Sunday night, my friends, was the night.

I went to my friend Ash's house at 4pm armed with a little dreadlocking kit I put together. This kit contained all the essential ingredients for a full on dread sesh: a comb, a crochet hook, some beads, someone else's dreadlock, a mixed CD of reggae and world music, a box of nag champa incense, some matches, copious amounts of chai teabags, a packet of jelly babies and some chocolate coins left over from Christmas.
The next ten hours were spent backcombing, rip 'n' twisting and crocheting my hair to buggery, watching the whole 3rd series of Father Ted, watching half of Mulholland Drive, eating lots of cottage pie, singing songs, jamming on cello and guitar, falling asleep whilst being backcombed (I was uber tired), avoiding getting roped in to a drinking game (successfully) and generally having a lovely time.

Alas, I have no pictures as of yet because I'm in between cameras at the moment and I'm waiting for my friend to email me his pics.

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any one done this?

im felting wool into my dreads atm, absolutely love how they are turning out ^-^ has anyone ever tried felting ALL there dreads? it would take ages to do but im thinking of trying it. any one had any experience of it?

dreads and my poppa. xposted my journal.

the evening started well...i exchanged childhood stories with ben...
it may only be a week now until he comes...everything was good today
and then about 30mins ago i was told my poppa had been taken into
hospital. hes had vomitting and diahorra all day, and hes collasped.
i know it might be serious, my poppa is so stuborn.... and so, hes in
hospital now...my mum has gone there, and told me to stay here...
so, i didnt know what to do... i called my dad, rolled a joint, then called
ben and told him. i dont know why i called, i just had to hear his voice.
i smoked the spliff while on the phone, and came away smiling. now i'm
not sure if being stoned right now is helping.....i really don't know how to
handle this... me and poppa are so close, i love him... i need him still.
the world needs him still.........

on the upside, i took some picture today.

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One year ago I chopped off my long locks and wore a Rosemary's Baby style cut all summer. Starting fall I have been growing it out. I recently got hair extentions, and I have to brush them out almost every hour! They actually dread themselves... So I decided to sport dreadlock extentions, to try it out, for a while, until my hair grows long enough to cut into a bob. And who knows.. maybe I'll dread my real hair.. 

So here's my question, has anyone dreaded extentions (human mixed with synthetic) and is there a difference in taking care of them? Or should I just do what everyone else does? I'll post pictures the second I start. I'm very very excited. I hope they turn out good! Here's a pic or two..

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