January 31st, 2008


Hey there

Hi there. I've been lurking for about a month and so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Heather, and I'm 21 and from New York. Taking the plunge and getting dreads was one of the best decisions I've made. Mine are just a month old and it's amazing how much they've changed so far.

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a question for all the Dutch dreadies here;  [sorry]

Welke shampoo kan ik t beste gebruiken als mijn dreads pas net gezet zijn? op dreadspullen.nl staan wel 3 fijne knottyboy bars, maar daar staat ook bij dat je ze niet voor jonge dreads moet gebruiken.. wat is jullie ervaring hiermee?

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Ok so I've been lurking around here, because I'm curious about dreds. And I've been asking if I should or should. Mostly a lot of should nots. But then I decided I could dred one lock of hair. The big question is...HOW DO YOU DRED ONE LOCK OF HAIR?! Like...I hear you can't wash your hair, then I hear you can, and I'm confused, because if you can't wash your hair, how do you keep you keep that one dredlock from being washed?! I know I sound really silly and stupid, but I hear so many different things, that I decided it was time to post here and ask the damn question already. 
Like maintaining it, dreding it, etc.
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