February 1st, 2008


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its my birthdayyyyy!!!
and my friends have planned a whole weeekend devoted to fun fun fun for me.
had a private movie party tonight, watched finding nemo which i luuuuv.
concert tomorrow. seeing moe. dancing my behind off.
a night of stand up comedy and heather-totally-crunkness.
and seeing strange wilderness, which makes me piss myself just watchign the previews with that shark with those teeth.. ooooo!!!

and also, along with recently turned 3 yr old dreads...

i combed two out and made bangs.

fuckin right.
cheers to loving life right now.

and cheers to you guys and your awesome dreadness.

over and out.
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boyfriends locks....chop chop chop

So since cutting and combing out my dreads about a year ago, I've managed to live vicariously through my boyfriends set which we started about a month after I chopped mine. I always thought they were lovely but he started to get really frustrated with them and basically would only wear them down and not covered up very occasionally. He asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would cut them off and give him a hair cut, and after much complaining from me I said yes. So, timeline time.......

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first post

So, like many, I've decided I want dreads, however, I wasn't sure how much my hair would shrink blahblah so I just have four right now.

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But I think it's the way my hair is cut, the ends will not even remotely dread, despite how much I backcomb. But do those look all right/like they're coming along (they're only about a week old, so I mean, I know I can expect it to be locked up or anything)?

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Thanks for any advice you can provide!

I've decided to just go ahead and let my friend Colton do my whole head this weekend. How did you guys deal with the awkward hair stages at first? Good ways to make it not look so awkward? Thanks!
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Three weeks.....ish!!! Some are three weeks, a few are less than a week, heh, I've had many things to get done before I could sit with my hair for long enough to make real progress. I haven't had my own camera, but here are a bunch of pictures taken by multiple friends. They're fun.

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a post down there reminded me of a picture i've been searching for. i think i might of gotten it off of here a few months ago, had it saved, someone deleted it :( so here we go! she was blonde might have had freckles and had blonde dreads, i know that's vague, but any help appreciated!!

also i've been contemplating getting dreads, anyone gotten extensions and dreaded those? does that not work? help thanks