February 3rd, 2008

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I want my mommmmmmmy

FYI: Do NOT ever ever ever ever ever bleach your hair for the first time in your life stoned out of your mind and hungover as fuck. K?

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So, because of this horrible mishap, I would like to do a little bit of
reminiscing over my dear, dark dreads... as of Friday Night.

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I drank 3 bottles of wine, that night.

That's more than I've drank in the past 3 months. Oy.
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I hope this isn't spam

I only post here every few months.. So please don't hate me.

Oh.. and for those few dreadies I've promised to do a portrait of? God I hate myself for losing track. I've been backed up with commissions, but I still want to draw you for free.. Some day.

Anyway, here are some of my charcoal drawings from the past:





and Dyanne


For more of my art, go here:

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I"m not your monkey
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Alright, I'm searching and searching through the memories, I KNOW I've seen it somewhere but I don't know where.

Cholesterol conditioner?

I bleached my hair last night with horrendous results, (as per the post that assploded, cuz I'm obnoxious i guess) and I want to bleach again and tone and then I have some nice veggie dyes, 3 different types of purples that I was able to procure today.

I also got a toner, which is a great big whoopee, because I have never heard of such a thing in my life.

Now, I know this causes humongous damage, so I was browsing around for a protein conditioner because well, I don't want my hair to fall out. Patchy bald spots with random bright orange hair is not really very stylish, I don't think. But, I live in a little redneck town and there was none to be found, anywhere.

So, I got cholesterol conditioner. It's the only thing I thought might be even close, don't ask me why, i was thinking, hey, protein, cholesterol, kinda close, both things that're in food, right? And it's got aloe vera in it, it said, so it shouldn't make the dreads TOO loose.

I have a very important business meeting tomorrow. Going into it with multicolored purple dreads will not be as bad going into it with horrible neon orange and brown rooted dreads. They know I'm crazy. Purple hair looks kinda groomed. Right now, I just look.. well, chlorinated.

Help? Lish? Is a cholesterol conditioner ok to use, to kind of help out the hair whilst I smack it around with all the chemicals? They were very very very healthy before hand,and they're still pretty soft after the bleaching, not crunchy or anything, I just was reading all the warnings about the toner.

many thanks.

EDIT: I've taken Lish's advice(duh) and I've gone crying to my fab friend Adamo, who is a stylist at one of the only actual "Salons" here in town. He has promised he will fix me up as he is the bleach queen, has tsk'd at why I didn't just get him to do the whole process from the start, and he's on his way over to assess the damages. I'm scared of his dissaproving lowering of the eyebrows. He is better at guilt-tripping then my mother.

We'll see how she goes.

Weak spot

I got this weak spot in one of my dreads from rubbing that same little part while nervously talking with an upset ex the other night. The little nub has since fallen off.

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dreadhawk yay.

so a cut a little dreadhawk lookin' thang.
it's sweet :]

i wasn't sure how i felt about it so i cut off one dread at a time very carefully and it turned out just fine. i sewed the cut dreads onto the end of the hawk dreads and the cut off brushable hair i felted to the bottoms of my locks. it's fuckin so cool having longer dreads all of a sudden.

i don't know if i like the hawk better than my hair before but i definitely like it equally and i was ready for a change.

anyway onto the picturess!


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let us hope they keep staying together well :D
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my dreadful story

Hi. I just joined this community and already it has been a source of inspiration and insight. My baby dreads are about a month old, and I've been seriously concerned about the amount of time I've been devoting to their upkeep, with unimpressive results. Many naysayers have given me their unsolicited opinion that my hair was too straight to dread, and I was beginning to believe them :( After reading through the memories and recent posts in this comm, I'm now formulating a plan of action to save my hair, and my sanity ;)

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Conflictions - also posted to my journal

So my dreads will be a year on April 5th... I'm really having issues deciding whether to keep or comb them after I reach my original goal of a year.

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Maybe I should just stop over analyzing and go with what seems right when April comes. Fuck. Anyone been in a similar state of mind? I realize this is totally up to me, but any words of wisdom or guidance you wish to share would be much appreciated!
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