February 4th, 2008

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Alright. So my fab stylist bleach queen friend came over to help me make the transition from
Ginger to Purple.

So, We started out with this:

He tsk'd alot, and put some gungky conditioner into my hair, then we bleached again,  and then we used 2 toners, some concoction he mixed up when he was at work before he came home, I guess there's conditioner toners and shampoo toners or something?
 and we got

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So then, we spent 2 hours putting in 3 different colored veggy manic-panic dyes.
We did layers, and a bright spot at my crown.

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I have a very shitty camera, or bad lighting. In person, it's hella vibrant. Vibrant like, the felted wool ones. They barely stand out against the bright. My scalp is a tiny TINY bit tender, and my dreads are a tiny bit dry, but even just from sleeping they're better then they were. He did some deep conditioning thingy before the second bleach job, he mentioned something about protein, and since that's what was on lish's page I am happy. He did tell me that if I would have done this myself, I would probably have gone bald. Which, of course, is exactly what lish said, so guys, listen to lish or your hair will fall out.

I'll get better pictures, eventually.

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So Im incredibly sick. As in I feel like death. Plus my boyfriend of 14 months broke up with me on Friday. All together, Im one giant train wreck at the moment. I should be at work right now, but since I work with food and Im super sick, I called in. So to distract myself, I figured Id take some picture and update all you sexy dreadheads.


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so, last night I asked my boyfriend if he could look through the back of my hair and pick out any lint if he found any... and when he was looking at my head he made this little sneer... and we had had kind of a rough day of fighting and I was feeling a little vulnerable so I was pretty adamant that he tell me what that look was about. And he told me that he doesn't like my dreads... and that he hasn't liked them since day one (three months ago on this coming saturday)... but the funny thing is that he's always acted like he did like them and talked about how much personality they brought out in me... looking back though, I see the signs and I know how he can be, so yeah...

He said it's not like he finds me unattractive with them or dislikes them... he just likes my old hair better and hopes that one day I get it back. It shouldn't upset me really, but the whole long term being lied to upset me, plus I am sick and feel dumpy looking right now.... I just felt like running and shaving my head... but I of course would have been infuriated with myself for letting his opinion do that to me considering that day to day I love my dreads and I'm loving watching them grow up. I told him this and I said I wont touch them until at least they fully mature and get nice and long. And he said that he would never want me to get rid of them just because he liked my old hair better... that would be a weakness... I agree

So I guess everything is fine, but I still kind of feel like shit... when I have some time I'm going to treat my hair to a nice maintenance session maybe with a friend who loves my dreads... for now I have too much homework and I'm just wearing a wrap because I'm still kind of upset about the whole thing... anyways, after my maintenance session in a few days my dreads will be 3 months, and I will post some new pictures, but for now since I'm needing a bit of a reminder of the awesome process I've undergone so far I'll post my thusfar timeline... I hadn't intended to until they were mature but oh well, the time is right
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dreadful question

So this is the nth should I or should I not get dreadlocks question for you :)

I'm really enthused by dreads, my one worry being that my hair's too short for them to stay in at present... My hair is a bit longer than chinlength at the moment; around about 7 or 8 inches. Does anyone have experience of having hair dreaded at this length? I'd be grateful for any and all advice and anecdotes :)
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so, has anyone had dreadlocks, just for a month or two? i realise they wouldn't really lock up all that well, etc....trouble is, i like change...and i like being able to get all the dead hair out...

...i know you might be thinking "dreads aren't for you"...i'd just rather not go through the trouble of synthetic dreads again; they're such a pain to make and braid all on your own, and stick to everything.

so, anyone do dreads for just a few months at a time? 
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Shea butter

So I have been reading through the memories looking for ways to condition my dreads/make them softer and I heard mention of shea butter. Forgive me for being dumb but how do you use it? Just palmroll it into dreads like aloe? That would be good because I think my dreads would benefit from more palmrolling...

I'm aware that many shea butters sold have beeswax as one of the ingredients so if I do end up buying some I know to be really careful. I'd just really like to hear anyone else's experiences/advice about it =) thanks!

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It has been a long time since i posted. Today i got a new camera so its time to show my locks again. 2 or 3 months ago i dyed them brown and i like it very much.

I am sorry, i'm not very good at taking pictures of myself.
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