February 5th, 2008


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this is my second set. my first attempt failed after 3 short months because i was still a perfectionist, especially when it came to my hair, and the dreads werent looking how i wanted them to. this time around though, i just let them do their thing, because i knew they'd go through their ugly stages.. i've LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF THIS

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does anyone have super short bangs with dreads? and if so any pictures? I'm thinking of going there. Also does anyone have any problems with the bangs looking greasy if you wait to wash them as long as you wait to wash dreads? I usually wash mine once a week... it might be a silly question because it's probably just that my scalp has adjusted to that and blah blah blah... just curious

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Hey does anybody want a nearly full smallish jar of Dreadhead HQ wax? It's just been sitting around since I got my dreads (I tried it at first but didn't like it). I'd rather not just throw it out, so any wax users here who would like some?

(no charge btw, I just want to get rid of the stuff.)

help alleviate my anxiety

hey all u beautiful people:
i read the memories and Im just trying to see if anyone has an experiences with Garnier nourishing color creme. i dont plan in using the conditioner packet but is this dye okay. im a nervous wreck bc im still a virgin to the dying deal...any help would be appreciated....
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I was born HIV positive and the clinic I go to is primarily African American. Since I've done my dreads almost a year ago the other patients there have made me feel really badly about my hair every time I go to the clinic. I was told that I looked "unkempt", that "my type of hair wasn't meant for dreadlocks". I've been asked why I was locking my hair with a really bad attitude and have gotten lots and lots of snide looks. It really hurt my feelings because I've never once thought of dreadlocks as a racial thing. I did dreadlocks because I love them and appreciate their beauty on all people...

Anyway, I started wearing my hair up in a tam every time I went to the doctor because I'm not there to get rude comments on my hair - I'm there to get my medical treatment. Well, there is this one woman (a beautiful black woman) who works there who has loooooong skinny locks and I've always admired her hair from afar. This last time I was at the doctor she came up to me and asked me if I was locking my hair. I immediately got a knot in my stomach thinking I was going to be made to feel badly again, but I told her that yes I am and she asked to see them. As she was looking at my hair she asked me how old they were and said that they looked really nice for their age. She then told me that she's had her locks since 1994! and that she wished me all the luck in the world with my dreading process.

It made me feel so much better about being dreadlocked at the clinic. It reminded me that people who truly appreciate dreads and understand them know that there is no racial/cultural/any other border on the kinds of people that can rock them. I wish she knew how great she made me feel. ♥

Aaaaaaaanyway, I just thought I'd share.

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One month, five days old <3

Hello. Here is my goofy-looking face. To see my dreadies, look under the cut.

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There's 44. At least, I think there is.
My boyfriend counted, but he says he
may have skipped a couple.
I am so happy I dreaded I made Pete dread my hair.
I love them, messy little nuggets that they are <3
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