February 6th, 2008


hello, ive been here for a while, even posted a few times, and ive finally gotten up the energy and motivation to post pictures. what happened was that my boyfriend (who knew me before i got the dreads) said to me "you know those types of things you say to person that you dont want to in case they change because of it?" i said "like what?" his response "like that i liked your hair better before the dreads" and that stung more than i thought it would. i know that they are only a month old and are in a awkward transitional phase, but his opinion is really important to me and i wish he had just kept his mouth shut. now i, not going to cry and comb out my dreads now, but it still hurts a bit when i think about it. so anyway, i decided to post a few pictures of my dreads Collapse )

BB dreadhead!

Last spring I went the route of trying a few dreads in various places on my head. I loved them, and wanted to get a full set of dread as soon as I could. I had a HORRID color in my hair, and I really wanted to chop off all the dyed hair and start from scratch. I cut all my hair where my natural roots ended. I'm blond again! Now that my hair is long enough to dread and still have some length I'm READY! OMG.. a full REAL set of dreads...

*Pose as lurker to gudu- check

*Memories read- check

*Hair washed- check

*Super patient friend- check

He did a fantastic job on the sections, and is doing an even better job on back combing. We're trying a mix of back combing and rip&twist.


We took a break last night, and are going to start again this afternoon. My scalp was pretty much yelling at me to stop, so i had to. I'll post pictures when we're done.

Thanks to everyone in this community. You are all such an inspiration. Your kind words to other users, and your tips have paid off. I'm glad I have something to post now rather than just commenting.

See you around!


I just did a quick run-through of the memories looking under "roots" and I looked for twisting but the topic isn't listed. Its a simple question though: Does twisting (the roots mainly) inhibit the dreading process? I twist all of them then band them together when I wash them (to keep the roots separate) and sleep in it and I haven't had any problems yet but I just wanted to make sure.

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some stuff


Happy Birthday to Bob Marley <3 <3 <3


I love this image :) i saw it on a friends myspace page & thought i'd share.
have a nice day beautifuls.
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hello there =]

<3   hey guys! names Kit, wanted to give you all a warm greeting in this cold time of the year! I must say you all give amazing advice, and all of your dreads are amazing and beautifully unique! Just thought I would throw out a first post as a newbie, and show you guys a brief time-line of my almost 7 month old dreadies! Let me know what you think!

These are my 30 little babies at 3 weeks

And at about a month and a half

4 months or so, shrunk up like fuckin crazy!

and today at 6/7 months <3

I'm sorry for making it long with so many pictures, I'm still pretty new to this jazz =]
Much love to my dreadie bro's and sisters!
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So! I'm at about 8 weeks. I first started my babies at woodford this year during the brief break in torrential rain. I did the larger portion of my head but left roughly 2 inches of "normal" hair at the front because i wasnt sure how my bosses would react (i work/worked at a private school teaching kiddies how to play trumpet but i got fired anyway cos they cant afford to hire me anymore). SOOOOO I went and got the rest done a couple of days ago at this awesome african hair place a friend of mine works at. :D

Moral of the story is i really love them and am so happy i have a full head now. And! I have some photos for y'all

They arent fantastic because
A - they were taken with my phone because the real camera is le-fecked
B - i seem to have great difficulty taking photos of my own head. It takes about 504 takes for each shot. Thats alot of posing...

-Trying hard for a face and dreads shot...

-Back of le head. Soooo much neater than ever before.

-Random shot with a semi fake stretcher kinda thing. My ears are really gay so i have aloooot of trouble trying to stretch them. *sad face*

THAT IS ALL! love this community. Keep it knotty dread heads :) :) :)
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