February 8th, 2008

dreadlock glory shot!

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i'm pretty much decided on doing some wool extentions to my dreads to add some color to the end of em without having to dye my hair itself... but some of my dreads are thicker at the end where they balled up dreading instead of dreading evenly down. doesn't really bother me, but i'm afraid it will look like i am trying to smuggle marbles around in my hair after i put the ententions in. any suggestions?

sorry if the cut doesnt work...

Hi everyone, I'm new here!
I don't have dreadlocks... but have always loved them.
I'd really like to have them, so I've been growing my hair out,
My hair is pretty short, shoulder length-ish...
how long should my hair be before I can dread it?
And do you think I can pull them off?

Here are some pictures of me
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hi! it's me again. hehe.
so i decided i'd make a test dread.
it'll be 2 weeks old on sunday.
and i love it. i'm just waiting til
i have some help so i can have a whole
head full. last night though i ran into ignorance
from one of my friends. i told her i was going
to do dreads and she's like "EWWW!!!
THAT'S SO GROSS. they're so dirty."
she also said they were made from
grease and dirt. i looked at her and i was like
-_____- "no.. woman, they aren't. don't be so foolish."

it makes me so mad when people are like that.

anyway. i have pictures of my one dread[i named it cody. =D]
but i have to upload them and i will do that later :)
i just thought i'd share my story with you all for now.

sorry this is a text only post but the next one won't be, i promise! =]
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Dreading with an undercut

I really want to dread my hair, and it's long enough. It's about 7 inches long when straightened. The only problem is I have an undercut that goes up pretty high. I've been letting it grow back in recently but it's only an inch long. I would just go ahead and dread the top layer of my hair that's long, but I was planning on staggering my sections or making them random, and that doesn't really work with the way my undercut is shaved. It's shaved basically how a mohawk would be, except a little wider, so it's a perfect line on each side. So I couldn't, say, have two sections in the front row and then 3 sections in the next, because the hair all ends at the same point. I'd have to do a grid form, which I don't want. Is there any way I can grab random sections and still have it all work out even with the way it's cut right now, or should I wait until the undercut has grown back long before I dread? I really don't want to have to wait like a year to start my dreads but I'm worried it would just come out crappy if I did it now.


super bummed....

so this morning i woke up, and decided i'll kill some time by checking all of the memories on here...and eventually i came across looping and threading the dread back through loops and the root..

I had no idea how bad it could be for my dreads...luckily i only did it to a select few that were really loopy and driving me crazy, but since then i've taken about 75% of those loops back out, but some of them just won't come out properly...

i'm really worried my dreads are going to mature and then those spots will become extremely thin and fall out or not dread properly

any advice? or anyone that lives in the southern NH area that might help me with some dread care for some cash or funky wraps/beads?

P.S. some of the loops i threaded through seem to be tightening up nicely...i've only technically looped the dread through once, then kind of backcombed with my fingers a bit to get all the hair tangly...

Its a sad day for this dready girl =[

Much love to you all
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My dreads are almost a month old (yeah!!!) and I've been considering combing out a few in the front and then cutting them so I have some adorable bangs. I like to rock the headband with my dreads, so I think the bangs would look cute. I'm kind of nervous about it though as I have never in my life had bangs.. ever. So I don't know how I'll look with them. I do however know that there are some adorable people in GUDU with dreads and combed-out bangs. So.. this is the part where I get annoying and I kind of time-consuming. I'm on my boyfriend's computer and therefor don't have my endless supply of pictures of me so you all can judge whether or not I'll look amazing with the bangs. So, if you're interested.. please go to my myspace (www.myspace.com/gojacy) where my page and all of my pictures are public.. and you can see pics of me (before and after dreads) and help me judge the cuteness of the bangs. Please? I would just wait until I got home and post pictures... but I won't be there for a while and I know I'll forget... I forget everything. Please again? Thanks so much in advance!!!


I've never posted before, but i've been lurking since about november and i've had dreads since about december (more or less). I backcombed (very shittily) in mid-december, but they all fell completely out. I left it alone and just didn't comb until the first of January when I backcombed again. I did a little better job, but a lot of them still fell out a couple weeks later, and the ones that didn't were just barely hanging on. So pretty much i've been going natural since then. I've got some okay looking dreads and a lot of messy undreaded hair underneath them. I don't really do any kind of maintenance besides a little subconscious palmrolling when i'm bored or nervous and spritzing with salt water every few days. I'll post pictures later.
So, i have a question. Most of my dreads are really well-knotted at the bottoms, but the roots and middles are really thin and not matted. And none of them are round, they're all pretty flat. I'm hoping if i just be patient they'll eventually knot up and round at at least somewhat. I'm worried that the thin parts at the roots and middle might break eventually because they're so thin.
sleepy puppy

two months old dreads, one year old dog

My dreads turned two months old this week! But I wasn't planning on posting until I noticed some changes a few days ago. After washing my hair (a rare event for me, since I starting doing no-poo a few months before I dreaded my hair) I noticed that hair was shorter than it used to be. My dreads are finally tightening up, and I have a few that I feel but can't see that are getting really solid.

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Day 1

I took all the advice from everyone here in my earlier post into account and dreaded my hair the best I could. I'm going to take photos every week or so to record my progress. So here's day 1, just after finishing.

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