February 9th, 2008


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Hi all,
I have been a member of this community for a little over 2 yrs now & I have finally dreaded myself up! I used both the rip & twist & backcombing method. I think they came out well for someone who was pulling it out of their ass.

I live in Connecticut & I was wondering if anyone else did that has dreads or does a damn good dread maintenance. I have a feeling in a month or so I'll need some help. I have no money, but I do have a car. I'm sure I can make something as payment, :]
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Washing hair (checked memories)

Ok, so I got my new dreads yesterday and I'm thinking ahead to washing my hair. I checked the memories and all I keep reading is "Wash your hair once a week." But what exactly does that mean? I mean, obviously you're going to be showering more than once a week... so does it mean only shampoo it once a week? Or only get it wet once a week and wear a showercap all the other times? Is it bad to get it wet, or just bad to shampoo it? Or neither?
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Non-Dreadie's Dread Dream.

Hi! Last night I had this awesome dream that I was backcombing and I had this new set of babies! They looked friggin' awesome, and what's more? My mother liked them a lot. =] I was so pumped. And then I woke up. I got really sad because I realised that I have about a year and a half until I get out of the house (and will have dreads). boo =[

But until then, I'll be living vicariously through y'all, that all right with you folks?
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Six months!


Just the one picture. Sorry about the fact that it's not great quality - it's the only recent one I have at the moment. I'll post some more when I have them.

I did have a question though:If you have beads in your hair, what do you do with them when you dye/bleach? Do you take them out? Do you leave them in and try to dye around them? I'm just wondering.


in response to my last post...

I finally got all of the loops out of my hair last night...
but just as I was done, one of my friends came over and told me that she had this GREAT way to get the roots tighter and it wouldnt take too long, but she wouldn't be able to do the whole head tonight, so I asked her how and she wouldn't say, she just took my dreads in her hands and started looping, REALLY HARD, all over the top of my head...after one or two when I realized what she was doing I asked her to stop, and she just kept going, she had my dreads in a strong hold =[ so now the whole top of my scalp is looped once again, I was crying most of the night while I took some of them out, but some of them are un-removeable...
but on the up side! I got some new hemp today to do some wraps around some of my loopie-S's in the middle sections of my dreads, so once I do that I'll put up some pictures!
much love all
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NPH: Suit up!

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My babies are a week old now.

Excuse the crazy face.

Last night I went to a friend's birthday party and I had a swarm of girls attack me with questions and "OMG. I LOVE YOUR DREADS, I WISH I COULD DO THAT I COULDN'T KILL MY HAIR LIKE THAT. BUT YOURS LOOK SO AWESOME!!!!"

Defiantly made my night alot better.

The whole thing that bothers me is that people want to pull and touch them all the time. Anyone else have the same issue?


i was thinking of using human hair extensions to extend my dreads,
i want them boob length.
what do people think of this? or shall i just keep them as they are and
be patient lol.
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hi, i had a question for all of you who have "mature dreads" (are already growing in as dreads, past the shrinking as so on)

my dreads are a couple weeks over a month old, and im really happy with them (most of the time, damn roots) and there is a boy in my dorm who has these really nice mature fattys that are growing in and look really nice.i dont know him but the only problem is that for some reason, whenever im around him, i feel really self conscious about the messy-ness and youth of my dreads.

so my question is this, what do you think, if anything at all, when you see someone with baby dreads?

thank you you settling my curiosity.

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I had a rugby tournament today and there was a girl there with the most beautiful dreads ever. She actually plays for the Rochester Renegades, which even though theyre a College team theyre still Division 3 Professional status. We actually played them too. I tried to get a few pictures of her dreadies, somewhat unsuccessfully.

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so these are my three little natty dreads:
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i will eventually do my whole head, its just that since i know theres gonna be major shrinking going on so im waiting for my hair to get even longer.
as for these little guys, im thinking of wrapping/beading them.
ive seen a lot of you guys with beautiful wrapped individual dreads.... and i was wondering:
any tips/tricks on how to wrap them? what string do you guys use? any pictures?
im hoping that this way they'll also stop shrinking which would be greeeatt.
thanks for any advice :)
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