February 11th, 2008



My name is Mari.
I'm 19 with a young set of Louisiana locks.  My first dread started itself in July '07, and the rest I started on January 1st '08.  They're coming along very nicely, and without the need of hair products. I need tips on getting them to lock up.  The first one didn't let me learn because it took over itself (hahaha).  Because of this, I firmly believe that your hair and scalp have a complete mind of their own.  I mean, afterall, your hair keeps growing after you die...even though that's kinda creepy!  Anyways, I'll be able to put recent pictures on here hopefully later this week.  Until then, I can only post the most accurate ones.

Here's in December, before it really started.

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That's a picture from this past halloween.

That's from about a month ago. I'm in the middle.
They're 4.5 years. I just felted some colors into a couple of em, if I ever get my hands on a camera, I'll post pictures.

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I was just tooling around the web and looking at some information on dread perms (just to find out a little more about them since I was kind of clueless as to the process) and I found this write up.

If you want a good laugh at a very ignorant person trying to come across as an authority, check it out:

Bella Online: Dreadlocks

It really confuses me that someone who has no clue can write something and publish it online.
films; the dreamers; venus

hey gudu

how you been?
good, good.

I've taken up skateboarding,

and starring in very important videos,
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Today is my mom's birthday. Say happy birthday to my mom!
I'm gonna go hug my mom now, cheers everybody!

Dread poem

Found this online,, thought I'd share

Lock me....chop me
curl me....knot me
braid me...parade me
many folks degrade me

tease me....henna me
twist me....twirl me
brush me....spray me
curly perms betray me

part me....wet me
oil me....toyyyyyy with me
pull me  pluck me
love the way you touch me

wash me....towel me
gel me....smell me
happily & naturally
even fingers tell me

what's my name?
hair.... locked in its  natural state.

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My Baby Dreads And A Mini Timeline of the Boy's Dreads

I've been meaning to make this post for about a week now.  I have three week old baby dreads, and my boyfriend's babies are at about seven months.  Both sets were started by me. This is my third set and his second.   His dreads were waxed once on the first day (at his insistence), but haven't been waxed since.  Mine have not seen wax and never will.

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  I looked in the memories but I didn't really see anything, but I'm out of it today as I went snowboarding for the first time ever and I'm not gonna lie, i'm hopped up on Tylenol because OMG where the fuck did those muscles come from? So, if I'm just being a total twat and not paying attention point me in the right direction :)

I have one dread that is beavertailing like a mofo. I do not like it. Don't get me wrong; nothing against them, I have a few that are doing it, it's just this certain one. It gets in the way when I try and put my hair up; it is so short now, when its at a point in my head where it should be one of the longest, that it just slips right out of the elastic and irritates the fuck out of me. It's seriously like this one huge thing,2 inches across.

Now. I'm wondering, what to do? It's right at the nape, and the dreads that are all beside it are all my long ones. then there's this random short one. I've tried to palm roll when wet, and to pull it, to no avail.

Do you think i should comb it out, maybe? And re-dread the hairs?I hate always having that random one hanging out and banging against the back of my neck; when I want my hair up, I want all of it up. it bugs the heck out of me. Its getting aggravatign to the point where i'm just like, FUCK, i'm gonna cut the damned thing off! (just that one! THAT ONE!)  Or like, could I just bind it really tightly with string? I don't want to do any damage, I know eventually it'll grow, blah blah patience, but it keeps getting caught it my nape peircing too and pulling it and it's kind of painful. It's just in a really bad spot to be so short and fat. I think it may be like, the one dread that I'm unhappy with.

Also, I just want to know who else here snowboards? I've discovered the ecstacy that is carving down a hill with your dreads blowing in the wind. OMG. Such a wonderful feeling. And moshing! I moshed on friday for the first time at a Knucklehead show(punk band) and my god dudes, you want to tighten your roots up, go into a mosh pit.

No picture right now.. I'm at work. I'll dig something up later, maybe. My hair has now turned into this bright pinky fuschia something, when I walk down teh street EVERYONE turns and stairs. And when I go into the steam room, the dreads bleed pink. I've rinsed for hours, but my god, it won't rinse clean!

This is why...

Still here, still dreadless.

Hair rant!

Reason for posting:

1. Had a weird dream about scraping candle wax off my scalp. (Anti-beeswax?) It was creepy.
2. My hair is really beginning to piss me off. I used to have my hair short and spiked, and now it's growing out, and I really hate brushing it, or running my fingers through it, because of all the f%^&*ing knots.
3. Whenever I do brush my hair, I swear all my brush is doing is ripping hair out. I'm not just talking about getting caught on knots, I mean, it actually feels like hair is being pulled out of my scalp. Not fun.

Enjoy your dreads, because you don't have this problem. =)
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Totally unexpected news...

I don't know if you guys will remember me, but I'm the girl who started her dreads with her best friend 6 months ago. Well my best friend told me that tonight shes cutting hers off. :( She said she's not happy and that she wants her dreads to grow happily and shes not happy. But I told her that everything was good when we started them. We cried for a while and she told me that shes keeping my dread which is in the front. I'm just so sad, but I can understand. We took one last picture, she's on the left in the Pizza Hut uniform, since it's our second home, haha.

And now my dreads at 6 months, something a little less sad:

be well, be good,

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