February 13th, 2008

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I dreamt that I was in a play, or SOMETHING, and my dreads were getting in the way of something so we really quickly had to comb them out. I wasn't really sad though, because as soon as it was over, I intended to put them back in. What made me really upset, though, was that I couldn't get ahold of any of my friends to put them in for me. I spent hours wandering around town, asking total strangers if they would back-comb my hair for me, and they all looked at me like I was a freak.


Everytime I wash my hair, it turns a different color. It was bright bright bright a few days ago, now its this color.



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And...isn't this just the coolest bag ever?!


dyed my dreadies <3

So I was a little down about what happened before, so I went out and got some brown hair dye - dark brown, to match the 10 dreadies I had under all my other 20 that were blonde - and I LOVE it!! One of them was stubborn and sort of stayed blonde, but I kind of like it! I have a few swirls of blonde in some of the other ones as well, but I think it makes them look unique!!

Heres one view, kind of to show how long they are still, they've shrunk up a lot, but theyre still long and have a lot of shrinking to go! And heres the last one, you can really see that stubborn blonde one with the bead on it =]

Anyway, thats them now! I think they look kinda shitty from the back, but this was an awesome way to brighten up my snow day, we're having a freezing rain/snow storm here =[ Well, sorry about the pictures, I still don't know how to put them in a link - sorry! Have a good one guys!!!
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Soap Questions...

Hey all. My dreads will be a month old on the 19th, yay! Anyways, on to my question....
I use liquid Dr. Bronner's Almond soap to wash my scalp and dreads with. Normally I put drops of the soap into a cup of water, swish it around and then pour it over my hair and then start scrubbing my scalp with my fingers(or fingernails). The water never really works up to good soapy lather, it just sort of stays cloudy. That bothers me. I feel like I need to have a good soapy lather on my scalp in order to properly clean my hair. I'm thinking of switching to the Dr. Bronner bar soap to see if that works in creating suds. Now, am I crazy for wanting a good soapy lather? I just don't feel like my hair is getting clean! It is so frustrating. Do any of you wonderful folks use the Dr. Bronner's Bar Soap? What other residue free shampoos do you all recommend?
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Name my dreads for a good cause?

I'm trying to raise some money for a poorly little boy who has osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that started in his leg but has spread to his lung. There's more info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osteosarcoma for anyone wanting to know more about the disease.  He's only 8 (will be 9 on March 3rd which is the same day as my birthday) & is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  

I've already asked friends and family who were planning on sending me a birthday card this year to send me a quid instead so that I can donate it towards buying him a portable DVD player & some DVDs or a laptop if enough money can be raised.

If you have any unwanted items I can eBay to raise  further funds then please email me at viktoriamalik@yahoo.co.uk  

Or, if you have a couple of spare quid you could chuck this way then please leave a comment below letting me know whether you require my home address, paypal details or bank account details to send your donation.  (I'll screen the 'comments' for your privacy)

Finally, I'm giving people the opportunity to name my dreads for the bargainous price of £5.  For £5 you can name one of my dreads and I'll send you a photo' of it along with it's dimensions. If you can donate more that'd be fantastic, equally if you can't afford a fiver but would still like to name one please just make an offer. It's all for a good cause. :-) I have 32 dreads in total & they're coming up for a year old now. Please note that 5 have already been claimed & named. :-D 
If you would like to name one please leave a 'comment' below letting me know how you would like to send your donation. (I'll screen the 'comments' for your privacy)

I am also offering people the opportunity to adopt a dread for £10 & there's currently 5 available.  For this you will get a photo', dimensions and a list of your dreads hobbies, interests and activities over the next 6 months.

I shall keep you guys updated as to how much has been raised and also what wonderous names have been chosen. Please let me know whether you would like to keep your identity anonymous.



I'm starting to getting comments on the length my babies are getting so yay! They're definitely fattening up and getting nice and soft. I've let out some of the tips I sewed in and one of them in particular curls oh so nicely, it's cute :) here's a small timeline for those who may not remember me

day 1

rockin the sideshow bob

click to see more!
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all advice welcome!

so although i have read the memories i could be wrong in saying, there is not the answer to my question.

to be honest through this whole putting dreads in, i heard a lot of peoples opinions, but in the end i was just like, its a natural thing for hair to do. i feel like if i just do it, it will happen. so i sat down and started back combing and a huge grin stuck on my face and dreaded my whole head. and it looked insane. but after a day or two they clamed down... and looked decent. now im have loose hairs (whatever they'll fix themselves) but i have two problems that really bother me. (but i still have that huge grin :D gahhh i love them.)

1. i live in the middle of nowhere, and im the only one who can work with my dreads... and i cant reach the ones in the back and i they are bugging me bc its not how i want them, the sectioning it too flat and thin... im not sure what went wrong. anyway it looks like poo and hopefully when i go in town tomorrow someone will help

and 2. im assuming, but i was wondering the opinion on blowdrying your dreads. 

okay well i feel like i should let you see them since ime talking about them. 
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so yeah. they will be 3 weeks on friday (holy cow!). if you have any other advice you could give, just by look, shell it out :) im welcome to all comment, just keep them friendly.