February 14th, 2008

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big to little

So, I've decided I'm going to comb my dreads out and redread them super little... well, not super little, but littler than they are now :) And my dreads are a month old today (score!) so they shouldn't be too hard to comb out.. right? Anyway.. if I want them... say... as big around as a pencil.. how chunky should they start? Because I know they'll shrink... I just don't know how much... Oh, and I'm still loving my bangs.. and so is everybody else :)

Tub Tea

So I decided to take a bath while at my mothers house. She gave me some tub tea to use. Anyone heard of it? It's pretty much a huge tea bag that you let stue in your tub with hot hot water for a while. The specific one she had was sea salt and lavender. It did great things for my locks! Tightened them up a lot, and they smell wonderfull. I think I'm going to have to buy some more. Just though you all might like to try it sometime.

PS sorry no pictures this time. I'm not on my home computer. Maybe in a couple days though.
  • libee

Dreads in Films

Have any of guys seen Tideland? If not, you so should. It rocks.

There's a crazy lady in it with *awesome* skinny dreads. I was fixated by them for the entire film. They almost make me wish I had made mine all feral and skinny. Almost...

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