February 19th, 2008


so here in far north queensland, australia, i seem to find myself in the midst of a monsoon.... boring as fucking hell!!!! due to this boredom i bring you another update of my head :D

yeh love love

dumb ass face

and the stupid reflection from photobooth

me at work doing shit all as usual

boredom solved.... for now. BACK TO THE BEERS!

oh! I'm also a pirate on weekends. I forgot to tell you guys...

ΗΕΛΛΟ ΤΗΕRE!! our DreaDieS!:):)

Our dreadiess!!  
 hello ya all!!Yes,yes we are a couple, a dreaded couple and we 're new to this beloved joural-which we've been watching for a long time now!!So here's my lover's dreads,,,,1 year!:)

and mine...i havent finished them yet and they're 2 monthies!:)

and yes, this is actually SNOW in Athens!!:) great!!!
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i've wanted to have dreads ever since i was 10 or something(not that that is such a long time ago, but anyway), and a couple of years ago my wish came true, but not for very long. i got some sort of dreads in the summer, but come school, i had to chop 'em all off again. my school is VERY strict on the dress & hair codes. anyway, so this year, now my hair has grown out a bit more, i want to get them again, but get done "properly" and permanantly. BUT, i don't know where i can get them done, or i don't know the best tecnique to do them myself. i live in turkey, but i'm thinking about getting them done in england, so if anyone knows anywhere where dreads are created in england(anywhere on the isles is great), or knows a really effective and not-too-complicated method of making them, i would be really appriciative of feed-back or advice.
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So, I did it, but only on a small scale. I started a test dread last night. Sorry, no pictures. I left my USB cord for my camera in Ontario. I'll have it eventually.

The last time I got a haircut was in June, and it was short and spiked and looked like an outgrown chelsea cut.

When I do go to do my entire head, I intend to leave my bangs undreaded. So, when I made this dread last night, I put it just behind my bangs. Here's the breakdown:

- I used a similar technique to backcombing, but I'm lazy and haven't gone to Walmart or whatever and picked up a flea comb from the pet section. Instead, I basically grabbed a section of hair and rubbed it together, but in a similar pattern to backcombing, and ripping and twisting to draw all the knots up.

- I then palmrolled, and knew by the texture that I was off to a good start. One major way to tell was by looking in the mirror and seeing that this new lock was sticking straight up.

- I did this right before bed, so I went to sleep like normal, then basically forgot about it when I woke up. It survived the night. It stuck up even more so when I found my mini plastic comb that was in a stupid little compact mirror I keep in my purse for some reason. I used the comb to push the knots closer to my scalp. My hair's still short, so it's taken some persuasion to get it to lie down normally.

- I washed my hair this morning like normal, not really expecting it to stay in. Surprise! It did! So I palmrolled it while wet and seperated all of the non-dreaded hair around it. Then blowdried my hair like normal, paying special attention to dry out the new dread to see what would happen.

- It survived me wearing a hat today (it's cold, I live in Northern Alberta, it happens), and pulling the hood of my sweater over it whenever I went out for a smoke. I basically paid it no special attention, except periodically making sure it wasn't sticking out all weird.

The best part (for now) is that nobody noticed, or said anything negative. I was face to face in conversation with both bosses. They didn't notice. So far, so good.

Jason Castro

Someone mentioned awhile ago how there was a guy on this season of American Idol with dreads.  Well, I watched tonight partly because I wanted to see this boy...aaaaand let's just say I'm well on my way to being in love :)  He's extremely attractive, absolutely adorable on camera, aaaaaand he has a pretty dang good voice too.

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