February 20th, 2008

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oh good, knottyboy is now selling one of the worst semi-perm dyes in creation, manic panic. $14-$46 plus shipping, are you fucking kidding me? awesome. this goes right along with the rest of their non-quality, overpriced product. i suppose stocking a dye that actually HOLDS its color would result in less revenue, right?

ps, knottyboy. if you wax your hair & then try to put dye on it, guess what isn't going to work? that's right, the dye.


So HaPpY tOgEtHeR...

So I'm really pumped today! I finally got my felting needles and my wool, and thanks to the memories my dreads look fuckin rocking now! I'm so excited =] I don't mind wearing them down anymore because I really, REALLY like them now =D I wanted to show you guys my "new" made over dreads, they're just about 7 months but if you've seen my pictures from a few weeks ago and now, theres a HUGE difference! I have no one else to thank but you guys! I nubbed off my ends and made them rounded with help of the felting needle and palm rolling, and found out rounded ends are totally my thing, I loved my wisps, but the lil nub guys really make me happy...I ended up loosing about 1/4 of my length from nubbing them but it's worth it because it totally cleaned up my dreads and made them actually LOOK like dreads, I kind of like them short anyway! Let me know what you guys think!
Much LOVE to my fellow dreadies!!!

the little colored ones are my favorite! Any suggestions for names??? theres a purple, orange, pink one, a blue and orange one, a white, green and blue one, and a pink one with yellow swirls in it <3
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