February 21st, 2008

Promise Dread

Some people give promise rings in a relationship....
I make myself a promise dread.
It's my promise that once my hair gets to my shoulders I will dread my entire head....

The newborn dreads name is NERMY....
I'll post pictures this weekend
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New member - hi2u!

Hey there. My name is Sheri & I'm a huge fan of dreads. Quite obviously, really, or I wouldn't be joining this community!
I had short, sticky-up dreads last year, for a few months, but took them out to dye them ( I wasn't too sure about dying my hair in dread-form, I was scared about patches.), & to see if I could actually take them out easily enough. 
I really miss them, & have decided to dread my hair again. Hopefully, I'll be doing it this weekend, if my order from Dreadworx comes - I want to try out Lock Peppa.

Here's an old pic of me with my dreads, with bandana.

See you around, have fun! x
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7 months

so, i finally got over my fear of bleach! and with the help of a bottle of dye from beyonddreams and instructions from lishd my boring always-just-been-black hair turned into...

there's only a few, because i'll have to keep the red bits hidden under a hairband when i'm in hospitals, but yay! i love it! already planning what can be done with a whole head of dreads over summer :)

A story of love and dreadlocks...

I am a happy bunny.
As mentioned in my last post, and the one before, my dreads were created by a lovely boy called Ash. We've been friends for a year or so and he's fancied the pants off me for that whole time. Alas, the feelings were never really reciprocated and we drifted apart a bit over the summer.
However, after 10 hours of dreadlocking fun and nearly every day over the next 3 1/2 weeks spent together, I finally realised just how amazing he is and that I fancy the pants off him too! We officially became a couple the day after Valentine's.
Oh, the power of dreadlocks!

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