February 22nd, 2008


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i've been doing a lot of maintenance of many different people's dreads, and also making new dreadlocks for other people, recently. it's fun! :)

i'm making something for my boyfriend this morning. (it's actually gonna take 2 or 3 days to complete i think...) braiding all his hair and then putting wool and/or fabric strips around each of the braids, and continuing them a bit more so they can be longer than they actually are.
and then his hair will grow, and the root of each braid will dread. and eventually we will take the fabric and/or wool out and turn the remaining braid into a dread.

and i will take pictures of the completed process. he wants to make it that way because he has naturally very fluffy and frizzy hair that tends to transform into a beaver tail in the back of his head after two days if he doesn't brush it. and he doesn't really like brushing. and his hair is all damaged at the bottom, so normal dreadlocks would kill something like half of his hair lenght. and he doesn't want that.

i don't have any decent picture of my dreads now. i will try to find some and post them as well, soon. they've grown a lot in the past few months, and it makes me really happy. :)

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Some dreadperm questions

I've been reading about dreadperms in the memories and on the Hairpolice website, but these questions haven't really been answered on here, and I don't want to trust the Hairpolice website because they're marketing...

-Do dreadperms really make "well formed dreads" from the beginning? I'm not talking about looking like natural dreads, I know it takes them a while to do that- I just mean would I be able to sleep on them, wear them up, etc without them lumping together in the back?

-Do you really need to go in for maintenance appointments? All the websites say this, but from what I know about dreads it seems like that shouldn't be true.

The reason I'm considering a dreadperm is because my hair's very long and in very good condition, and I feel like if I suddenly had a head full of waist-length baby dreads I wouldn't be able to keep them separated without shitloads of work, and avoiding shitloads of work is why I want dreads in the first place.
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Good dreams of perfect dreadiness

So last night my friend and I combed out my current dreads... and this weekend (while on a mini vacation) my hair is going to be up in those adorable little braids, and when I get back to town on Tuesday we are going to re-dread my hair :) So, last night I had a dream about all of it and it was awesome. My new dreads were exactly the size I wanted and I didn't have any of the clumping-together problem I had with my first set. This is heart-warming :)
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 hey!  i was just wondering if anyone had any tips/suggestions/experiences in backcombing their hair themselves?  i would love to hear it!  tomarrow im attempting to backcomb my hair myself and would love to hear what you all had to say!  thanks much!

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Hey guys.. question.
I have short(ish) hair, its about 4-5 inches right now. I want to dread it and put in extensions, but it seems like that is a very expensive process from the one studio I heard back from. I was wondering if anyone in the NEW YORK area (I am located on Long Island) knows where I can get this done (or knows someone outside of a studio that can do it), or can do the dreads so I only have to do the extensions.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Ok....would it be a bad idea to dread with out.... a. dread wax and b. a dread comb
i  have a normal comb, and it did fine on my promise dread....but would it be cool to do it on all my dreads?

How many?

How many dreads are on your head? I have 37 myself, and my friend has 28. His are a bit fatter than mine. I'm thinking of taking an average with the replies I get, so again, how many?

*Edit* Current average = 39 (approx.) I stopped averaging at 15.