February 23rd, 2008

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Ya so these two dreads of mine, which i dont really wanna palm roll because they have character have about 6+ curves in em, just wanted to post the coolnest

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So last summer I combed out my year and a half(almost) old dreads. There are many reasons as to why, and I don't really want to get into it all that much. I miss them dearly, though I am enjoying my line straight hair, haha. It feels so good to be able to run my fingers through it! 

Okay here are some pictures. They're probably not that good, but whateva!

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Rich Text sucks. I cant fix the fact that there are two cuts, but it's all the same anyways.

doing and undoing and doing again

so, i had been dreading my hair for about two months with a combination of back combing and just letting it do its thing. my manager and i have had this ongoing thing with my hair, first it was color, then it was the messiness. it came down to me keeping the color, but i had to brush my hair or he'd fire me. so i brushed it out, very sadly. then about a week ago he told me that he was bluffing and if i really wanted dreadlocks, i had his blessing. it made me want to simultaneously punch and hug him, but my hair is dreading itself quite nicely already. i backcombed some in the front last night in a half drunk stupor, and its doing just fine. i also went blonde yesterday. theres also a picture of my new hat that found at goodwill today, its just too great! the pictures aren't the greatest of quality, because you can't really see...but most of those things that look like curls are really baby dreads that are very curly. i'm ripping them apart constantly because i want each individual curl to be an individual dread so that i have a million little bitty skinny ones, and my hair seems like it will stay curly even after its dreaded, which i'm stoked about! enjoy!
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Hey nappies

I took my hair down tonight after it being up all day and was delighted at the ease of this new "do."

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Also, I went to see Lish a while ago for some root maintainence and she was just a doll! I highly recommend her services ;)
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