February 24th, 2008

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I combed out my babies. 

It took a total of 10 hours of work. 

9 months was the longest commitment I have ever made to anything.

I combed them out with the intentions of starting them again when my hair is longer. 

I felt like a sell out at first, but then I started to feel liberated. 

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I think I am meant to have dreads, but the timing wasn't right. 


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Well Hello everyone! I have a quick question for those of you in Nelson, BC
Is anyone in Nelson, BC!?? If so, hows about is anyone interested in doing maintenance? Does anyone know any person that does dread maintenance? Really anything.

These are my dreads that need some work.


My sister and I hung out yesterday to celebrate my birthday. She looked at me while we were watching a movie and asked if she could give me a makeover. I hardly wear makeup or even dress up. I'm just not into it. She kept on going on though saying she would love to do my hair too. She tried talking me into taking a shower, putting a ton of conditioner in my hair, so she could comb it out. Her reasoning? She thinks I would look better without dreads. She said that if I still wanted them I could just redo them. "It doesn't look like you did them right."

Truth be told I've considered taking them out. I haven't been happy with them. But that's what's happened every time I've taken out my dreads. Always at around the 2 or 3 month mark (mine will be 3 months in a few days). I've been telling myself lately that if I just kept them in the first time then they would've looked awesome by now (they would be 3 years by now if I did that). That's why I haven't taken them out. The hope that one day they will look good.

I don't think I'll take them out. But I do want my sister to keep off my ass about them. I know that if I kept them down and worked on them then they'll be beautiful. I can felt them maybe. I just need to go and get a felting needle. I should palmroll them more (have only done it a handful of times). The most important thing is time though. They're still in the messy phase.

What do you all think?

humor me.

my dreads seem to go through phases of looking really really short, then appearing to actually be growing, then looking all shrunken again.

or maybe that's me just being annoyed, then hopeful, then annoyed again.

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Ok, so I was washing my hair today, and I was squeezing the ends like always and I noticed something bad.. What looks like clumps of lint (my towels are blue/green)... or mold?! So far I've found it in three of my dreads, and it's just at the end of them.  So I combed out the end, and picked it out.  It appears to just be lint, so I've calmed down slightly.  However, now I'm panicking that it could be in all my dreads.  And it could be up near the roots. Not good.  It's definitely knotted up inside really well, because I couldn't just pick it out, I had to comb the end out, and even then it didn't want to come out.  In the morning I will thoroughly search my other dreads, but if I find any more lint stuff that's not near the ends, can I get rid of it without combing them out?!  Would a deep cleaning of some sort help this at all? Or should I start preparing to comb?! If my hair was darker I wouldn't mind so much, but I have red hair, so the blue/green clumps show up rather well.  Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!