February 25th, 2008

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they're shrinking, but with the shrinking they've started to blunt at the ends, and get way WAY friggin tight.

Srsly. They're toight.

ALSO: i've discovered a WONDERFUL contraption called a Bead Reamer; It's built for smoothing out the holes in beads, OR
More importantly, to MAKE THE HOLE BIGGER OMG.

i'm planning on de-beading my hair and then buying a shitload of big pearls(they've already been ordered!) and makeing the wholes big enough, and i'm going to dye my hair dark again and just put a bunch of Pearls in my hair.

I love pearls.

I am a Vampire!

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I've been spraying with salt water w/ tea tree oil every day instead of washing my hair... It helps smooth them out. And
I LOVE the smell of tea tree oil, too.

A gift from Goss :)

Mold??? and a story and a picture!

I just posted something about mold here, but then I read a post right under mine that asked about the same thing.

I'm still curious though, what does mold look like, exactly? Just so I don't get worried when I find dust bunnies in my tips again :P

I'm going to try a baking soda deep cleaning and see if it does anything =/

...and because I can't post without a dread story:
Today in my Spanish class the guy who usually sits in front of me turned around out of nowhere and said "you have, by far, the most interesting hair I've ever seen." I didn't know what exactly he meant by that, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to thank him or not, so I just said "I try."
After the class was over he called me "interesting hair girl" and told me to have a good day.
I told him my name is Emma, because I don't think I like being called "interesting hair girl" lol.

And now...a goofy looking picture of me that someone else took (still no camera chord )= )

About a month or so ago,  I'm the washed out one with the dreads, lol.
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Second set ]]

So..! I finally got around to re-dreading my hair. 
I dyed it on Saturday beforehand, & didn't leave the blue dye on for long enough. The instrucions advised 15-20 mins, & I followed their advice - leading to multi-tonal, patchy hair. 
Luckily, I had bought another pot of dye, so re-dyed it again on Sunday - leaving the dye on for about an hour, & I'm happy with the results. 
& then began the deadin'! Ooh, it was so exciting, although my arms ached like hell.
My boyfriend was playing World of Warcraft & was doing an instance where he couldn't leave the game or he'd annoy other players, but he occaisonally turned around to do the odd one here & there!

My hands were blue after the palmrolling!

Half tyed up

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Going blond (er)?

Having read Lish'd guide, and most of the dying section of the memories, coupled with my good years of dye experiance......... Ive hit a bit of a conundrum. 

I want my mousey-gingery-blodey natural sections (ie the top/roots) of my dreads blode, and the bottom to match!

Ive been rocking the bi-colour-im-too-lazy-to-dye look for months, and Im bored...

Nubbed dreads!!

Now I knowmy hair is light enough for a boxed blode dye, but will it get it light enough? 

Will something like this (http://www.superdrug.com/content/ebiz/superdrug/invt/51950/51950_l.jpg) be adequate to get my ends blonde, and my roots JUST as blonde?

Im hesitant to use bleach, as I've fucked my hair up with bleach before, and rembering Industri-hippies, and Soulhaus's words on it, I feel a bit scared. I know 20vol would get my locks whitey blonde, but I cant bear the thought of the bleach eating them away inside if I happen to not rinse well enough.

My main attratction to the boxed dye is that "time limit" [as stated in Lishd'd guide] that their activators have... i.e. it won't coninue to rot (unlike bleach).

So if you were me, and you loved your dreads as much as I do, and dont want them to snap in X-years time, what would you do?!

Thanks in advance folks :)
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Because of the number of posts likening dreads to sea creatures, I got bored in Journalism/Yearbook class...
It's actually my school picture (I look wayyyy different now. Lost a bunch of weight and my dreads are chin length)  that I took from the server and cut apart in photoshop. I'm not very good at photoshop but I thought that it was kinda fun.

Thinking about combing out...opinions plz?

edit: I've decided that life is too short to have hair you don't like, and started combing them out.

I've had dreads since July, and they haven't really turned out they want. Partly because they are my first set, and partly because my hair type didn't result in the type of dreads I envisioned. I've enjoyed these past seven months, but lately my aesthetic has changed, and I feel like I'm carrying a lot of weight of bad emotions (I've been sick four of the seven months) and hang ups in my hair. I miss having long, curly hair, and my dreads have shrunk, and I think they just look messy...

I was wondering if anyone here is in the Des Moines, IA area that would be willing to help me out with maintenance, because I think at this point this is the only thing that will get me to think about keeping the dreads. If not, I'm probably going to go through combing them out.

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I guess I"m looking for reassurance either way, and I don't know why. Blah.
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So, many months ago I cut off two of my dreads and eggplantman requested I send him one. Finding him ridiculously attractive I did so and we became livejournal friends and I had a giant e-crush on him etc etc. We had some awkward comment flirting and sillyness which one day led to MSNing and one day I joked that he should come visit me and...uh, he did.

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sorry that they are teh huge
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I might have already posted this here, but I think I accidently posted it in my journal lol

Hola! So, this is not really dread related.. but I figured everybody on here is super cool, so you guys would be able to help me. My friends and I are planning a road trip for this summer. We will be driving from Portland, OR, to Orlando, FL, and then we're going on a week long cruise in the Caribbean, and then driving home. We're trying to compile a list of awesome places to stop along the way.. because what's a road trip without a thousand unnecessary stops? So all we have so far is Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR and a stop at Fort Knox (my friend used to be based there). I think the most important thing to me as far as what kind of places we want to stop would have to be good photo ops :) We all love taking pictures, not just of each other, but also of just really cool stuff... even better would be pictures of us WITH cool stuff :) So.. yeah.. any questions please let me know... and any suggestions are welcome! Thank you so much!!!