February 26th, 2008

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threadlock help?

Ok, so I checked the memories and didn't find anything to help... so I must ask :) I just want to know how old dreads should be before threadlocking (em... taking embroidery floss and essentially wrapping it around the dread and tying little knots to ensure it will stay... sorry if that's not the correct terminology)? And also if a anybody knows of a website where I could see pictures of the process... I think I've got the basics down, but I always feel better about doing things when I have pictures to reference :) Thanks in advance!!

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So I took a couple pictures of my favorite hair style right now. I don't think that everyone can do this and I don't think I'll be able to do it after a few more months. I got a regular clip from the store and took the metal piece out of the middle (the one that is supposed to squish your hair) for obvious reasons. The only reason my hair actually does fit in the clip is because of my long whispy ends. None of the actual dreads would fit in that clip. But I think its pretty. Here ya go....

One from the back...

....and one from the side

I wish that you could see the actual dreads better in pictures. Maybe I just need a more expensive camara
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So I sort of brushed my dreads out. Really stupid idea because they were just startings to look good, they were almost a year. Oh well I've already started my new set, I'm going for a dreadhawk this time. Here is a timeline with too many pics, including two pics of my very fist set.

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Quick question

I hear a lot of mention of 'first sets' of dreads, and people being somewhat or totally ok with cutting off their first set becuase the second set is/will be better, etc.

How many people actually have their first set? I know I went into my dreading process with the intention of having this set be my first and only set. How many people did the same? And for those of you who have had multiple sets or got your first with the intention of shedding them for a second, why did you do that?

Note: this is not meant to start a flame war or to be read as an accusation, I'm genuinely curious and couldn't find anything in the memories.
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Baby dreads

Me and my friends spent 9 hours dreading my hair this past Saturday, we just backcombed and palmrolled (no wax).
These are how they've turned out, They've gotten pretty loose and frizzy (sup SoFla), I don't really know whether to do anything else to them or not. So suggestions?

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Just thought I'd do a little post. My dreadie birthday is in a week (March 5), so I will be doing a timeline then. I can't believe it's been a year already!

I bought a really kick ass peyote cuff from tangerined.etsy.com and received my package today. It was soooo exciting!


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I've been crafting a hell of a lot myself lately and I made some stuff you guys might be interested in.

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And here's a couple photos of my dreads taken this morning. I need maintenance done sooooooo badly. I have been letting them do their own thing for months aside from rare palm rolling and hand rubbing the tips. Heh. They're MESSY!

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For their birthday I plan on doing a ACV deep cleasing since I've never done that before. I also want to have a little party to celebrate and my boy thinks I'm nuts. XD

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 a few posts down, a lovely little lady posted her etsy shop.

I think this is awesome. I looked in the memories and didn't quite see anything exactly like this...

How many of you sell on Etsy? What are you Etsy User Names? I know I have personally bought beads from a few gudu'ers, but how many more of you are there out there?

Also, who are your favourite sellers on Etsy for Dread-related things? I'm talking wool for felting, dreadbeads, tams, ANYTHING dread-related.

Heck, what are your fav dread-related sites, period? (well, gudu is a given.)

(ETA: Heck, I don't care if you don't sell "dread related" stuff on etsy. whats your seller name?)

Dreads Falling Out

My dreads are now over one month old... probably closer to two.  

It's really wierd because I've been having continuing dreams that they fall out and I can't stop it from happening... maybe more of a nightmare than a dream...

But now some of them have actually started to fall out.  The ones in the front and on the side of my head are tightening really nicely.. but I have about three in the back that are larger and look nothing like the others.  I know that the larger ones are thicker and therefore would probably take longer to lock up than the skinnier ones... but these ones are REALLY loose to the point of almost falling apart.  They were all dreaded in the same manner.

I've used a hook to hook the hairs back in and this seems to tighten it quite a lot after a bunch of work on the dread... but after a couple days it's back to being loose again :s  I've also tried palm rolling and putting a tiny bit of wax on to help hold it together a bit. 

I'm not freaking out about it or anything... But it would be nice to get those big dreads forming cus they'll make lovely fat dreddies :) Any suggestions as to what I should do?