March 1st, 2008


i'm thinking of bleaching a few of my dreads but i'm not sure.
i've never dyed my hair or anything before so it will be a biiiig change.
any opinions would be nice :]

they're a mess.
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hey kids! any ideas on how i can ghetto rig my hair so i can throw a wig on this cranium? i'm dying to dress up as tyra banks and act out my hatred for her in full form. help!

an asian with dreads: 2months.

hello, whoever you are...
i hope you are well.
i have never seen an asian with dreads before and pictures of asians with dreads on the internet is almost impossible to find.
so getting dreads was kinda sketchy, but i went for it anyway (i knew i'd regret not trying it at least)

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Anyone in the Oakville or Toronto area that want to help me out with starting my dreads?
I get the general idea of what to do, but I think I'll still need someone's help.

I don't have a lot of money right now, but I can silk-screen on clothing or bags?
Or make some nice simple bags?

Photo of my hair & of a silk-screen I did (just for an example):
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four month update

ok, set four just turned four months. things are proceeding as expected. i had some time today & some really sweet permanent red dye to try out, & i took pics for you kids.

here's the test spot i made a few weeks ago. the color has held up nicely on the short test. if it fades nicely (or not at all), i'll release the brand name.

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LOVE this color. it's exactly what i was hitting whenever i mixed up SFX for my second set. we'll see how it lasts. & yes it's funny that the community banner pretty much matches that first pic.