March 3rd, 2008


Huge Vain Photo Dump

I was being really vain the other day and decided to take a serious assload of photos of myself. Heh. Really I just wanted to document my dreads before they turn a year old. ^_^

Seriously, if you don't want to look at like 25 pictures of my goofy face, don't click the link. XD Somewhere in there is a really cute puppy though! ♥

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Jeez, if my boyfriend saw all these he'd give me so much shit for being vain. XD I swear, I'm really not that full of myself - that's what boredom and sore hands from too much crafting get you.

I'm thinking about either bleaching more of my locks blonde or doing all of the tips. What do you think? I really love the look of blonde tips, but I'm worried they might make my hair look shorter than it is already...

Two days! ♥
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hi again, everyone :)
so i took out my little dread. :(
only cause my mom made me since my
boyfriend was visiting and she wanted me
to look "pretty" for him 0_o
but i told her "if i take it out you have
to promise me you'll buy me a new set"
so she agreed but i really don't want to
get them professionally done
because i don't trust people
i don't know with my hair.

my friend that says he'll help me put dreads in
is procrastinating with helping me because
he hates dreads and doesn't really want to do it.
and the only person willing to do it is my best friend
and she lives up north. i don't know what to dooo.
either way i'll be doing it very soon within the next
couple of weeks. whether i do it myself or bother someone
to help me. ooor i just thought of something, i'm going
up north to washington soon. maybe if you[lish] aren't
busy... you could help me out? :)

anyway, i met this really cool guy when i was at venice beach.
i bought a head wrap from him that he made himself.
he had dreads and they were 8 years old. they were adorable.

okay i'm sorry for rambling and sorry i have no pictures.
i would but i don't have any dreads to show you guysss. :(
soon though. =D
han solo

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So I was on campus at the library this afternoon, looking at books about horror movies (i'm doing an awwweeesome research paper hahah) ...and i notice this uber hot dready boy shelving books. Now I've seen him before, because he has Astronomy right after I do, but usually he has his dreads in a tam or whatnot... not today. I saw his dreads in all their glory. They were GORGEOUS. They were pencil thin dreads, and they were fairly short, but they were soft and smooth looking. I really really wanted to go talk to him and tell him I like his hair, but alas, i went into shy-mode and didn't say anything. hehe.
Also I didn't get any pics of him because I didn't want to come off as a total creepo LOL!

But I did get a couple of mine today (or at least, the ones that were sticking out of my tam hehe)
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curly look left

Progress on day three

It's day three and I wore them in public for the first time. I'm at my parents' for spring break and they live in a very backwater, conservative little town (Upper Peninsula of Michigan), so I got quite a lot of stares and gaping mouths. I felt pride! Ha ha.
I sprayed them with salt water and took the rubber bands out. I've been palmrolling them like crazy and I think they look pretty good.
My eight year old nephew also saw them. He is obsessed with dreads largely because of Jack Sparrow of PotC, and he was absolutely intoxicated. He was counting the days to his 18th birthday! Yes! I hope I'm that cool, hippie aunt that my nieces and nephews (five of 'em) can look up to. :D
Oh. What do you guys use for scarves/headbands to hold your dreads back?

...And I bought like eight skeins of yarn today. If anyone wants me to make them anything, like a tam, hat, headband, scarf, whatever, just tell me. I have an etsy account under bobandiarepals. I'll list whatever for like $5. I just like making stuffs!

oh, i just told the biggest lie

Well, i've been watching/stalking this community for quite some time now, and i decided it was about time for me to introduce myself to all you beautiful dreadheads!
My name is Sarah, i'm from Canada, and i may look like i'm 14, but i swear I'm 20... my dreads are turning a year and a half this month, so i finally made a timeline to document their progress. (sorry, the pictures are kinda big :| )

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Earlier my little sister and I went and played on some monkey bars. I haven't had as much fun in ages!

And for documentation sake, a mini time line to show shrinkage from pre-dreaded hair, to new babies, to eight months...
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spring break spent at home means lots of free time and not much to fill it, hence another gudu post.
i've been getting shit about my hair from family members all weekend, so knowing there are like-minded folk out there looking at my hair with something other than disdain is encouraging.

several random photos ensue.

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