March 4th, 2008

mr. meaty :D

does anyone watch the kids tv show mr. meaty? [i know it plays in the US but not sure where else]

it's pretty much great. there was just an episode on with a buuunchhhh of dreadies! well...puppet dreadies. but they were great :D. i can't find a video that works but here's a picture:

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really cant decide

has anyone here ever grown out a dread hawk?
im starting to really consider it , am thinking will let the sides grow out a bit then start some fatty dreads and then extend them....
not sure yet though... opinions? ideas? experiences?

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it's been almost a year since i cut off my dreads. i really like my short hair, but i'm starting to miss my dreads a LOT. i'm letting my hair grow so i can dread it again... i can't wait.

my hair looks best when it's dirty.
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you're like the planets when you move

whoa hey hi

I'm Leeanne. I'm from Boston! That's in Massachusetts! (Exclamation points!)

22 years old with 22 dreadlocks, 10 or 11 months old depending on when we're counting from.

I comment here but camera problems prevent me from posting pictures. But we found an expired disposable camera and today we had a photoshoot!


I'm really, seriously in love with my hair right now.

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I just want to thank everyone who post pictures here because, seriously, I perv on you all so hard.
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