March 5th, 2008

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Ok... so my friends and I did my second set last Friday... and I'm loving them :) I combed out my first set on the 23rd, then rocked the braids until Friday. And last night I went through and lovingly palm rolled each one for sooo long lol. and they're really happy today :) Also loving the salt-water-tea-tree-oil spray! so, without further ado:

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Excited. Ready? True story of just nowness-

I found a wooden bead. I decided to put it in my hair because lately I feel as though my dreads are lacking in decor. The hole in the bead, though rather large, didnt really fit any my dreads, so I decdied to dig around to where my undercut was when I started this second set because the dreads down there are pretty skinny. Holy shit. Theyre freaking long.

I had my boyfriend dread my undercut via rip twist when the hair was about 4", back in the beginning of July. So they started out as two inch long dread nubs.

Thats how long they are 8 months later. Im so excited. I dont ever see them, so I ddint realize just how long they had actually gotten.

I've been really happy with my dreads lately. Aside from how much the feeling of loose hair around my ears and the nape of my neck bothers me, theyve been looking so great lately, and Im so happy. Theyre also growing too. Theyre past my shoulders now, which Im so excited about. Part of the reasons that dreads appealed to me so much because Ive never been able to grow long hair. My hair was always so thin and fine that once it got past my shoulders it would start to thin out and look ragged and gross. But with dreads Ill be able to have long hair, long fabulous flowing dreadlocks. I love them!!!


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it's been a wild coupla trips around the sun. omg happy 2nd b-day dreadies ^_^

seems like only yesterday that i sat down with several combs & a bunch of elastics...

fond memories

annnnd more recently...

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here's looking forward to at least two more happy years!
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hello my beauties!

hello lovers.
another friendly stalker here.

i decided to post because, well, i'm finishing up my dreads (most of which are almost a year.)
and i had my first "can i ask you about your hair moment" and i thought it was funny and wanted to share.

i work at a pizza place as a waitress, bartender, manager, and occaisionally pizza cook.
i've been there for too long to even think its funny anymore, but it works in my favor a lot of the time.
there's reallllly strict rules about hair and nailpolish and jewelry and business like that.

and i have dreadlocks.
i think when i originally started them, they figured it was just a whim. (i'm a whimsy kinda gal.)

but there here. and they've come to terms.

anyways, i was seating a table the other day, and as soon as we got to the table i got the...

"i'm sorry, but can i ask you about your hair"

i was immediately nervous.
fortunately, she was a very nice woman.

she told me that her 14 year old son is going through a "rebellious stage" and he wants dreads, and she's going to let him have them.

why? because she thinks he'll look silly and then cut his hair. (which is too long for her liking as is.)

i laughed a little. then she asked me about wax and about straight hair and about techniques.

all of which i answered honestly with my best information.
NO, yes it can work, back combing-palm rolling-neglect (thats my combination.)

and she was excited to pass it on to him.
and i was excited about a little teenage surfer dude starting his first dreads!!!

and here's me so that i'm not a stranger anymore!!!

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yay for crochet!

hi all. I've just discovered that I'm in love with crocheting! Wow, that makes me sound really old,ew! It's prety much all I've been doing lately, and I hate to admit it, but the other day I got all excited looking at all the different yarns in lincraft. haha. Anyways, I thought I'd share a couple of my latest creations!

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Making babies! (Dreads that is...)

I have a friend who is known affectionately as 'Dreaded Dan'. Unfortunately, a few months ago Dan got lice. Bigtime. It was a sad thing, but he had to comb out his fatties of 3 years and do some serious bug killing.

Thankfully, last Friday my lovely boyfriend came to the rescue and 'Boring Hair Dan' became 'Dreaded Dan' once more.

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One Year!

Today my dreadies turned one year old! Awwwws! ^_^ It's silly how excited this makes me, but WHATEVER!

In this year of being dreadlocked I have learned many things about myself, those around me, and this world we live in. I have learned that some of the best things can happen when you just let go of control and let things go. I've learned that everyone's standard of beauty is different, and just because I don't conform to yours doesn't make me ugly. I've learned that I am a huge believer in "my body my decisions" regardless if it's my significant other's opinion or not. I've learned that I am more beautiful and confident than I ever thought I was. And finally, I've learned that there is beauty in all things natural - it's usually best to let things remain that way.

Anyway, it's been a hell of a year and I'm very proud of myself for making it through the messy stages and the ridicule of my friends and family. I've always been one to commit to things, but this has to be one of my favorite commitments. ^_^

I know you're really here for the pictures and not my sappiness, so here ya go. My timeline. ♥

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We've come a long way, and it's thanks a lot to you wonderful GUDUers! Thank you! ♥