March 10th, 2008


mind over matter?

I'm not really sure WHY I did it, maybe because I was in a bad mood, maybe its because EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the past week I've had dreams of me and hair (do not want! love the dreads! wtf?) or maybe because I could call it a "social experiment", but I did something silly.

I changed my profile picture on facebook to one of me taken this month last year, one showcasing my old curly hair. Its a very nice picture, actually. My hair looks gorgeous in it. Definitely not like I just took out 7 month dreads.

I changed my facebook status to "Jaimee took out her dreads, happy now?"

and I sat back and watched.

within half an hour, I had gotten 3 phone calls, 3 texts, and countless wall posts and  messages. Some sad, some in disbelief, some curious about how it was done.

Some, on the other hand: "Oh thank god you're done with that phase. love this hair lots more, you look way more sophisticated!"

"thank god the nightmare is over! what were you thinking?"

"I like this style way better, don't you ever do something stupid like this again!" (I emailed back and said I had just shaved it into a mohawk, I haven't heard a reply.

BUT. For the most part, the pseudo-death of my dreads were mourned by my friends.(most of the not so good messages came from family, so not so much in that department.)

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I feel glad.
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Forgive me if I missed the answers to my questions in the memories, I DID look.

I had a dread hawk away ago, then chopped off the dreads on the top of my head. Shortly there after combed the dreads in the back out due to mildew. So the majority of my hair is short and buzzed, I feel I will grow it out and let it naturally dread on its own, as with the hair I have left in the back.

For the hair I have left, its very fine and soft and never tangles. Is there any way I can speed up the natural dreading process? I feel with my soft hair it will take a year(or more) before I see any knots forming. It is currently washed, yet unbrushed since early February and there isnt a single knot to be seen. I have tried salt water, and while that does good to dry my hair out, it doesn't seem to help it want to knot any more than it is doing currently.

On a side note, I kept two dreads (my sideburns) and they seem to be developing mildew, I will be trying the baking-soda suggestion mentioned in the memories. It seems my hair has a problem with mildew when dreaded, is there a way to prevent it before happening? I dont sleep on a wet head, I dont wrap my dreads when wet, I towel dry when I get out of the shower and then let them air dry. Is there something else I should be doing, or something I should be doing differently?

Thanks :)

my dreads are eating eachother... hellllp

I've read the memories about ripping apart dreads that start to grow together... but it just doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

When i made my dreads I didn't read the part about removing the rubberbands from sectioning before you backcomb. So most of my roots were soft hair that was longer than it should have been.
Now they're almost 4 months old and in trouble. The hair close to my scalp is a little matted and every single one of my deads on the top of my head is connected to the others surrounding it. i've also tried ripping out the hairs that are connected to other dreads and then using a felting needle to put them back into the dread that they belong to... and i've been doing that for the past couple months, but still the problem just seems to be getting worse as my dreads are getting tighter.
i'm beginning wonder if it would be best to comb them out and start over =\

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thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions!
you all are so amazing, and you make this community such a helpful and happy place.
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Are you related?

So, as I have mentioned before, I go to Whole Foods almost every work day for my lunch. It's pricey, but I get my salad the way I want it because I make it. It helps me with the whole "not being a fucking lardass" thing. Yeah, I know... I could make my salad at home and bring it to work every day, but I'm too fucking lazy, ok? There, I said it.

So since it's Whole Foods, the place employs lots of 20-30something folks who are... uhm... "alternative." You know what I mean--they dress a little funky, they have piercings, tattoos, etc. Kinda like Starbucks without the sarcasm, eyeliner or irony... and definitely more politics.

There's a woman who works there who has dreads. She works one of the cash registers sometimes. I've seen her before, and we've kind of acknowledged each other as dreadheads--that little nod. No biggie.

Today, as I was finishing my lunch and getting up to leave, she sat walked by and said, "You know, for some reason people think we're related."

I laughed and said, "Um, OK. I'm guessing it's because of the dreads?"

She laughed and said, "Yep, pretty much."

I said, "Makes sense--we look so much alike."

We both laughed some more. She's about 5' tall, blonde, blue-eyed and tiny, and I am about 6' tall and voluptuous with greeny-browny eyes and dark-hair. We look nothing alike... except that we're both human... and dreadlocked.

She said, "Yeah, people keep asking me, 'Oh, are you and that guy who comes in here with the long, long dreadlocks brother and sister?'"

"Well, naturally--everyone with a similar haircut is always related, right? All those old ladies with blue hair are sisters, and all those guys who drive I-ROCs and have gelled-up hair are brothers. You didn't know that? Oh yeah, mom says you need to be home by 7pm for dinner or you're grounded," I said.

She laughed, and we formally introduced ourselves (her name is Deena or Dina--I didn't ask her to spell it) and she seems like a nice enough young woman.

Anyway. I guess I have a sister I never knew about until just now.

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so i dreaded my hair a a lil while a go and i am running into a few problems.  no matter how much i don't wash them, back comb, or just blob some wax on there to hole them together they just keep coming apart on the roots. advice?
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So I was talking to a friend who goes to Middle Tennessee university, and I haven't seen him since... oh last summer I guess. Apparently his hair has been getting really long, and he's thinking about cutting his hair around the end of this summer (it's regular, brushable hair) , and he's going to dye it about a week before he chops it.
Apparently, since he found out I have dreads now, he wants to mail me his hair so I can felt it into mine. So we were talking about what colors he should dye it so that I would like it too hahah.
We settled on SFX's Fishbowl and Cupcake Pink, since those are my favorites. ^_^

Let's say he chops his hair in July, then my dreads will be 6 months, and will be in good shape for adding hair I think.

I'm so excited now!

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Bad hair day.

You know when you wake up and your dreads just aren't as awesome as they were the day before. It happens to me more often than I'd like, one will be bent at an odd angle or they just wont sit right.

What does everyone do on bad dread days?


So I've been seeing these infomercials everywhere- maybe you've seen them too.


Ultra-absorbent towels. Who knows if they really work or not, but if they do I think they'd be perfect for drying dreads.

Has anyone tried this out?