March 11th, 2008



My dreads are one month old, but they are hardly dreads, there roots are loose for about half an inch, and the ends are loose for even more hah

I started them on super short hair (5 inches at the longest, 3 at the shortest)
and the whole back of my hair is loose hair, only like 7-8 little dreadies in there...
Did I fail at back combing alot?
Would it be a good idea to comb them out, and re-back comb them even tighter, or should I just leave them alone, and let the back of my head naturally dread...
Some pictures, so you get the idea...
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flashy makeup

Head Covering?

ok... i tried looking in the memories to answer my question, but either i suck at finding things or it isn't there. so, i apologize if i missed it. 

my dreadies are only 17 days old...which isn't very old at all, so this could just be part of the beginning. 

just for additional info...they were backcombed very tightly, no wax used, i palm roll like every day or every other, and when there are lots of loose hairs i have been sewing them back in.

when i sleep at night i keep them tightly covered so they don't move around too much and they don't get any lint. when i wake up they look like shit, like little hairs coming out all over the place. in the morning i fix them all, and they look fine all day. I'm not sure if this is normal from my moving around, even with them wrapped. or if i should just not wrap them, and deal with possible lint. - - - i do move around a ridiculous amount while i sleep. so it could just be what i am going to deal with no matter what. 

and just b/c i love my hair. and to maybe jog your memory as to who i am...
picture time...YAY!!!!

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meaty hooks

Hi all. My dreads are about three months, here's a miniature timeline. The first pictures are from today, then younger in descending order to my short-lived attempt at self-dreading dreads. So grateful to this forum, this set is so clean and orderly, pure joy! Thanks folks! 
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Meet my hair. They're almost 3 weeks. This is technically my third set, but my hair was really short and I didn't have the previous two sets for very long. If it looks like wax, it's just because they got a bath. Also, my ends appear to be a lot looser than they are.

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spring clippings!

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plus.. i gave another girl my old hair 'do.
oh, oh OH so true.

and there's no need to be two girls with supah long blonde dreads in san diego.
(and i can't help but wonder how many people she may confuse... hehehehehheh)


Tattoo and dreads

So my love for the art of body modification is growing tremendously....I'm 4 or 5 months deep into my apprenticeship for tattooing and I totally love it...

I wanted to show you a picture of my new tattoo (number 6 of 15 planned tattoos), a sunflower with the Hindu Om symbol in the center, I'm a strong believer in the Hindu religion, and I find all of it amazingly interesting!

Anyway, I hope you like it, sorry I look like a total GEEEEEK with my glasses, they make me look S-M-R-T =D

bunches of love!!

Click the picture to make it a bit bigger =D
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I've set a date!

I've sort of set a rough date for when to *finally* dread my hair! After Marching Band season (I play tuba in a competitive marching band and tubas don't wear chakos, or the bucket hats, so my hair would have to be in like a gelled bun thingg and also in this time my hair will grow to a more reasonable length) I intend on finally getting the hair I've wanted since I saw dreadlocks on young girl for the first time in seventh grade. All in all I'm super super super glad that I found this community, at first I thought wax was like the super "in" thing to do but now, wow, the idea of using wax is a bit preposterous. So thanks to all! I know like I've got time til the big moment but I guess now that something is sort of set in stone for me, I figured I'd share :)

On a side note, I've noticed tons of people here have their noses pierced. I've had mine pierced for about...three months and I juuuust managed to get rid of a granuloma and today I accidentally ripped it a bit with a towel after a shower. Has this happened to any of you? If so, did it heal quickly? Because mine JUST healed and now Im frustrated haha

Thanks in advance and I love the dreads I've seen on this community, very beautiful :)