March 13th, 2008

A little over 3 years

I began my dreadlock experience with this community a little over 3 years ago while I was living in New York City. I've posted only a small handful of times. I have since returned to my home, Northern California.
These pictures were taken last summer, about 6 months ago.

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bear suit

A milestone of sorts.

I kind of neglected to mention this... what with all the other kooky dreadlock stories I've been sharing with you guys lately, some stuff just gets away from me. This one involves me and me alone. No hassles from starngers or folks making obnoxious comments.

This is a basic story without a lot of deep meaning, I guess.

The other day while I was taking a shower, washing the bod and sudzing up the dreads, I stepped backward and felt a pulling sensation in my scalp.

Yes, folks... I was standing in the shower and stepped on my own hair. No, I didn't fall or pull out the dread... I just stepped on it. Now, to be sure, I was leaning my head back a bit to rinse, so that put my hair closer to the floor than usual, but the fact remains... I stepped on my own hair. I guess I really AM going to have to start considering what I will do to keep from dragging it in the dirt when I walk.
Me with pink highlights

once a dreadhead...always a dreadhead

its been a very very long time since i posted here. i cut off my first set of dreads for various reasons (
the biggest reason and ultimately the deciding factor was that they carried a lot of bad energy. i started my first set of dreads because of someone i despised. there was a lot of anger in those dreads, and over the years i moved on. so i cut those dreads because i didnt want to carry around that bad energy anymore (the post linked above explains).

anyway. i recently decided to dread my hair again, but for better and more positive reasons. now i have dreads because they make me feel beautiful, free, and natural. i hardly use any products. i use a sea salt based shampoo, and sometimes i palm roll them with shea butter. i'm not against using wax, i still have my tub from my first set of dreads...but i find the shea butter works really well.

i've had them since november and they are forming nicely. the sectioning this time is TINY (each is about the size of a dime). i think i have well over 100 dreads, but i havent counted yet.

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I just made an entire 2 year timeline that took me four hours to put together.

And it's gone.

LJ has made it disappear, and then saved a draft straight after so it's gone forever.

Being dreaded as we speak!

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I remember seeing one of the most beautiful women in the world. I'd gone to the grocery store with my grandmother, and as Gramma picked through green apples, I stared at the woman who was gently placing oranges into a plastic bag. She was pregnant, wearing a brown tee shirt stretched over her round belly. She wore a black skirt, with brown sandals. I don't remember what the design on the tee shirt is, but I do remember that she had rich brown eyes, skin the color of milk chocolate and little pieces of mirror fragments sewn down her thick dark locks. I tugged at my grandmother's shirt, pointed at the lady, and said I wanted hair like that. My hand was gently swatted, and she told me not to point. When our cart had been pushed away, Gramma told me that I couldn't have hair like that, but that when we got home, she'd curl it for me. While I still consider that random woman to be the epitome of beauty, I put away the want of dreadlocks and didn't really think much about it again until recently, when I had a dream where the woman was constantly in the background, picking oranges off a tree.

I have never liked my hair. It won't be styled. When I curl it, it tangles, when I straighten it, it refuses to look silky no matter how much conditioner I've tried to get it to soak in. It's staunchly refused to be changed from coarse and "fluffy". I brush my hair out really well, and five minutes later, if I run my fingers through my hair I will be met with tangles and knots. When it gets to shoulder length and beyond, it's nothing but a rat's nest, and looks like crap. When I have them cut, the hair never stays in the style I have in mind, acting as if I'm killing it. On whole, it's its own monster and it hates me. After I cut it this last time, I immediately regretted it. I'd brought in a picture of a sketch I'd done:

What I left with was less than flattering:

I decided to let my hair do the dreading it wanted, pretty much two days after the cut. It's been two months since the haircut, and the smaller hair at the nape of my neck has passed the three inch mark, so right now my lovely sister and I are sitting in the living room. I have ten baby dreads, and my sisters arms are tired so she's sectioning out the rest of my hair so I can finish up the backcombing myself. Before and after pictures coming, of course. XD Can't wait until I become one of the dreaded masses.


After seven and a half hours, my head is home to 44 baby dreads. Even after so much meticulous backcombing, there are some that are really loose and poofy. Since those are mostly towards the top and front of my head, I think that they're from dreading hair that wasn't all the same length. I've got crazy wispy ends, and ended up doubling them over and wrapping them. The rubber bands will likely come off tomorrow after I've done lots of palmrolling and palmrolling and more twisting and palmrolling. Definately more work on the ends. My dad laughed at me, but didn't make fun or say mean things. I think he just got a kick out of it, and he's used to it. When I was a teenager, I was the one out of the three of us who came home with random hair colors and piercings. He popped in The Crow and gave me some ice cream when my arms got really tired. There was one Jamaican dance club joke, but I forget it now. My roomate, who is a bit conservative surprised me. When I finally came home, she answered the door and said, "Oh... I didn't realize you'd look like Sideshow Bob.....but I think they're going to look really good when they lay down and start to grow." I had expected a lecture on how they'd make my job hunting harder, but apparently, she likes them! Woot!

I have to say, this is the first time I've bled for a hairstyle. During the backcombing, the comb kept slipping and jabbing under my thumbnail, making it bleed. I don't mind, I think that makes them more meaningful, because it's the most work I've ever put into my hair. I love them. When I pat them, they're fluffy like an afro and spring back up under my hand.

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Happy spring to all of you who enjoy it even half as much as I do. My bike is now my main form of transportation and my chubby thighs are begging for mercy. Losing winter fat is a bitch! Anyway, I know it's not officially spring, but shit's growing and that's good enough for me. Also, old love's out and new love's in the air.



because I feel lame posting only one photo.
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dreads in a bar.

at a nice little place in easton, pa, to listen to my brothers jamband, having fun with some silly drunk hippie boys. check em out on myspace.
there still a new band, but i think they have potential. and i have to enjoy them, as the guitarist is my brother haha.

i <3 hippie boys.

and i heart my dreads... im at 38 months now. and in luuuuuuuuv.

hope all is well in everyones little dread world.

oh and ps.

on the way home from said bar, stoped at a convience store and teh clerk was a big slightly afeminant black guy, who while i was getting my blue slushie drink, came up to me and said" oo i just cant resist! i need to play with your hair! ya dont see many white girls with dreads and ive always wanted to touch white dreads, ya know, see how they feel"
which made me laugh, shake my head and say go right ahead!

oh and also, at work teh other day, a couple came into my store, i do retail, and i had my hair tied back with itself and the guy just stoped and said "oh shit, rad!" and as usual, when someone makes that kind of comment, i automatically take my hair out and let it down. and when i did this time, he asked me to shake it for him, which i did, and which also made me laugh.

ive gotten alot of dread compliments lately, which make me feel good.
and keep laughing.
im a laugh slut.
as you can see in my pictures
//end rambling :D