March 15th, 2008


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Well, its been 7 months since I cut my dreads. I wasnt really sure what I was going to end up doing with my hair after the dreads- which was part of why I was so hesitant and it took so long. Anyway, I shaved my head when I cut the dreads, and I was expecting to just grow it out or something, but I ended up really liking the short hair and have kept it short. Ive gotten a few hair cuts and have been really really happy with my hair. Its strange to not have the dreads- three and a half years was a long time, but it was time for them to go. As with all outward change its facilitated a lot of inward change as well.
Anyway, I miss you guys and wanted to show y'all what my hair's been up to. I know, I know- not exactly community appropriate but I figured it might be okay. Let me know if its not.

My nose itched.

p.s.- there have been lots of people asking so here you go: Socks can be purchased here

Ignorant people

I've read through the memories, but I'm really surprised how few there really are on people being rude about dreads.

So, here's my deal:

I had my dreads done the day before spring break, they are now 8 days old. I was one of 3 out of the 80 that live in this dorm building that stayed all break. One of my...acquaintances returned last night and said "You're dreading your hair" I smiled and nodded. He then proceeded to tell me for about 10 mins how dreads are disgusting. I told him that I wash them, and in fact just had the day before. He kept talking like I hadn't spoken. Then told me he was kidding. But now everytime I see him he tells me how nasty they are.

I don't care if he's kidding or not, it's really irritating. I've told him many times that they are in fact very clean but he just carries on, totally ignoring the fact that I even spoke. This is the only person that has given me a hard time. All my friends are completely in love with them...I'll be sitting at my computer and they come up behind me and start rolling the dreadies I can't reach on the back of my's really sweet. Any suggestions on how to deal with someone that just doesn't care to listen..even if he IS kidding? Or am I just letting it get to me to much?

There they are! 8 days! ^_^ I'm in love.

Wow, so many replies! I step out for an hour and holy crap!
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll find a way to tell him to step off. I would tell him to suck my dick had I one for him to preform such an action.
Peace out ^_^
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Hello Fellow Dreadfuls!

I'm new to the dread community and a friend from art school told me about this site. I have trawled through the memories countless times now and loved all the helpful advice. I thought it was about time I introduced myself and my dreads to all of you! The pictures of my dreads are from their 69th day and I am totally in love with them. I invented a mix up which has helped lock up roots and calm itches (if anyone is interested?) which I owe the locked up ness partly too. I'm sorry if this post goes all wrong! I'm learning!

Sorry if the pictures are too small or too big... if anyone can lend me a hand with these posts then I'd be most grateful and it'll be better next time... go easy on the new kid!

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Should I still try for dreads

I've been wanting dreads now since I was fourteen
I am now seventeen and growing my hair out for dreads
I've researched dreads for years and looked at the good dreads as well as bad ones and knew that i had to have them by next year for graduation
This week i made an appointment with a hairdresser in my city that does dreads
she killed my dream
she said that my hair is quite fine and would dread fine but my roots would have trouble locking and she wouldn't suggest me to get them
she actually recommended dreadFALLS
and I am not a fan of dreadfalls
So my question is
should i still follow my dream
she said there is a chance that my roots will lock
but there must be a method I could try to use
I've told this to all my friends and one of my friends had the same problem but she had dreads and nothing was wrong and so on

please comment with an ideas or experience
much appreciated

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