March 17th, 2008


pictures pictures, everywhere-$5 martini friday.

 Soooo this turned out to be a horrible week. I got fired; they did it behind my supervisors back, and she had no idea and called me crying, asking me why... because she had no idea why they would fire me. Neither do I, other then my boss didn't like me.  I was pretty much a model employee, and a top producer, but I was up for a HUGE raise this month because I got some extra lisencing, so. you know.
Terminated without cause.
I have slept 6 passed-out hours, last night, Since Monday; sleep deprivation does weird things to your head.
I'm still not smoking weed, I am endlessely hyper, I haven't slept obviously, and now, well, hey, I'm a jobless bum.

So. Basically, Life sucks right now. But, friends came to visit for the weekend, and I decided to do something I never ever EVER do: get horribly, horribly drunk.
So I did.
And hilarity ensued.
I know pretty much all my pictures include booze, but thats because the only time my camera is ever out is if I party.
So srsly. I'm not a drunk. I may come off as one. but I ain't. I'm not much of anything, right now.

But first, I went to a Trews concert on Thursday, and it sucked, so I started a mosh pit. that was cool. Except I was wearing flipflops and a skirt.
these things happen.

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Yay for me!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the crochet hats that I'm really proud of making. *blushes*  Well, I've been busy making heaps for selling on ebay, and they're doing really well!  I'm even getting custom orders and I'm finding it hard to keep up!  I'm not fussy on the price they sell for, I'm still surprised that they're selling.  hehehe. 

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I just had to share my excitement  with someone!
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bear suit

A dreadful inauguration.

So this weekend was my newest band's first show.... also the first time I've ever been a "frontman." The place was a dump full of pretty sleazy folks (any bar that does a "lingerie lunch" and doesn't allow photos is definitely a dive), but they seemed to dig us anyway.

My lovely and thoughtful g/f snuck in a camera and snapped this shot:
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As you can see, the joint is definitely a dive, and my bandmates are hair farmers like me. My hair, as usual, looks like a cape rather than hair...but at least you can see my face. The other dudes have faces, I swear. I think you can see my weight loss even better in this shot... 25lbs now! Still plenty more to go...

It had been a while since I've been in the whole club atmosphere--my last band's final show was in late July, so, yeah... it's almost like being re-born into rock n' roll.

Also, my last band was sort of a pop-rock thing, and I played bass (not the front guy for the band!), while the new band plays psychedelic/stoner/rock... and one thing I had kind of forgotten about was the way "rock" people dig on long hair. Man, I got a lot of questions/comments... mostly asking how long I'd been growing them, etc. As the night wore on, people became more bold, asking stuff like, "What nationality are you?" (I told them I'm American, which is true), lots of requests to touch them and a lot of compliments about how nice and neat they are... My bandmates (especially the bassist, who is also a professional body-builder and a part-time male model and quite used to being the center of attention) were suprised at all the interest I got... as was I! Like I said, I kinda forgot what it was like to play in the rock/metal world, and, apparently, you've gotta have more than a ripped bod, nice cheekbones and shoulder-length hair to get folks' attention these days... But 6' dreadlocks (and being the guy with the microphone) works...

Anyway. Just thought I'd share. BTW, don't stare at my tonsils... that's just creepy.

new to the community (sort of)

Hey all, i'm andie, my lazy ass finally joined LJ today because i was bored, but i've been looking at this website daily for like a year.... soo here is my second set of dreadies, only 3 weeks old

game face on

shot at a bad angle but i loved the dreads in my self portrait

i just wanted to thank everyone in this community and lishd for making the memories so easy to access, seriously this is the most resourceful site ever on dreadlocks! i love the variety and individuality that comes with all your locks, keep rockin them, you all look hellagood!!! i'll make a better post when i get the computer fixed.