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[18 Mar 2008|12:27am]
Heres a quick question.
My dreads are about 8 months old.
I just washed them and they seem loose and my first instinct is to backcomb them.
At this stage should i still be backcombing. OR should i just attempt the tightening recipes I've seen? (sea salt + mineral water+ lemon)
Thanks muchly.
And dear Lish.... i checked the memories :P
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two weeks and one day -- oh and a big no-no [18 Mar 2008|09:49am]

 I promised to post a pic of this... I used acrylic yarn this time, tho. I think it turns out better with cotton yarn...


Pattern -- I made a green one for yesterday. I posted the pattern before, but thought I'd post it again... Anyway....

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La Padraig shona daoibh! [18 Mar 2008|11:30am]
[ mood | hungover ]

a merry day unto ye all
my lovely knotted caras
i hope the day did find you well
bereft of daily sorrows

that govality and gaeity
made up your daily bread
that you clicked your heels
and drank the fields
and shook your dreaded head

may you never succumb to baldness
and allways full of dread
and be half an hour in heaven
before the devil knows your dead

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!! (for yesterday)

ok thats enough of that. we did our civic duty of drinking till the cows came home and then swiftly ran away again cause someone tried to ferment them on friday, thus allowing for the inevitable two day hanover. it all went a bit.....well.... this was about 3am...... nuff said

also this is the only time i ever saw shamrocks growing in ireland

and it my birthday today. woo hoo!

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[18 Mar 2008|12:38pm]
alright, i searched the memories, but still have a question.

im planning on embarking on the wonderful journey of dreading my hair either tonight or tomorrow night, but i was thinking of dying my hair to as close to my natural color as possible, so i dont have to worry about roots when my hair grows out.

my question in this: should i dye my hair before or after i start back combing?
should i backcomb and then wait a few weeks before dying it?
what about conditioning after dying?
any info/experiences/tips would be wonderfully helpful.

i have a one day old baby dread already, but im thinking of brushing it out to dye all my hair.

pictures, if youre interested.Collapse )
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3 weeks old & excited for what the future holds =D [18 Mar 2008|02:49pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

The greeny/blue veggi dye I had in before was fading rapidly, so I decided to re-dye it last night.
I was going to wait 'til I'd past the month mark, as I didn't want to mess too much with my dreads 'til they've settled properly, but they are forming really well so I thought I'd do it!

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siblings [18 Mar 2008|04:44pm]

i adore my brother.

alots been poppin lately, which means alot of picture taking, which means more of my face then normal.
sorrrrrrrry :)
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Crocheting : Before & After [18 Mar 2008|05:40pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Yesterday I found this really well hidden away sort of raggae-ish shop in town which did dreadlocks for people using the crotchet method so i decided to give my locks a little tightening and tidy up some loose hair.

Little did I know, the guy was so good at it that he tighten my locks till they're now hard as a rock and I have no loose hair at all.

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Getting Dreads Done [18 Mar 2008|09:20pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So I live in Denver, CO and I've been searching online for a place that will do dreads for me. Does anyone have any suggestions for me cause Im running out of ideas and patience 
 Im in no hurry because I decided to get them for my 18th bday in May. I'm so excited :] 

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[18 Mar 2008|10:45pm]
i finally have a head full :)Collapse )
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