March 19th, 2008

Flaming Lips

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after spending 6 hours alone in a quiet bathroom, i finally have my first set of dreads!
i left my bangs brushable, i definitely dig it.
they're so fluffy and pillowy. i love them more every minute.

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Okay, so I didnt really see this anywhere in the memories so here goes.
I plan on dreading my hair within the next couple of weeks. I have pretty short hair and definitely plan on getting extensions.

For all those that have done dreads before, would it be easier on the person dreading the hair to get extensions FIRST and then dread the whole head, or just dread the short hair I have and add the dread extensions into that?

Thanks for your help!

removing extensions

hello everyone!

i was looking through the memories and i saw that there are a lot of entries about adding extensions/ wool to dreads. and i wanted to know if anyone knew anything about removing extensions/ felted wool from dreads once they get too long or just get tiered of them.

im asking bc i want to extend my dreads, but i would also like to think that one day when im happy with the length, i can take them out and tell ppl that it is all my own hair. and i was also interested in felting wool into my dreads, but i have a feeling ill want to switch it up at some point and i dont just want to felt wool on top of wool.

anything on either of these topics would be great.


I have been reading this community for a while now and figured I'd might as well join! I am on my second set of dreads which I started shortly before finding GUDU. Thankfully for me I knew enough about dreads already not to do anything too bad to them like tons of wax or rubber bands. My dreads are just over a month old at this point. I love my little babies. :) The hard thing for me is that I am an actor (as to why I combed out the last set a year ago) but I am learning how to use wigs quite well. I plan on keeping these in for the long haul.

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funny story..

so i have partial dreads, and i was at a party not too long ago where a group of people where talking about dreads and i butted in to say "oh hey, i have some!" much to my surprise, the group of people thought that having only partial dreads was the weirdest/coolest thing they'd ever seen. apparently one person in the group took a picture, and today i sign on to facebook and recieve a new  friend request and this picture tag:

dreads: a way to meet people at parties!

10,000 BC dreads...

i dont know if it was just me, but i loved the dreadlocks in 10,000BC!!!  i think they were bloody sweet n thick n natural looking that i dont like tidying mine up too much incase i get that "fake" look!... yeah, but thats just me... and its my first post so yeah... peace n love to all fellow dreadies...

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