March 20th, 2008

kids and dreads

for years i've wanted to have dreadded hair, and i have a 4 year old daughter and i'd like to lock her hair up too. is there any (pain free) way that i can let my daughter's hair lock up without the obligatory hair torture of ripping them apart later during maintanance?  
bear suit

From My Own Journal This Morning.

This morning, walking out of WaWa (that's a local mini-mart) with my usual two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, I passed by some moron with a bunch of his landscaping buddies, who yelled out, from about two feet away, "Hey, sell that fucking hair and make some money, ya broke fuck!" He and his buddies cackled like a bunch of hens. What is this--grade school? Are you gonna beat me up during recess?

Tacky asshole. Not that I'm any better, I guess... I turned, and said, "Hey, prick!" He stopped and turned towards me, so I looked him in the eye, flipped him the bird and said, "Go fuck a lightbulb, douchebag." I was doing my best to be all Clint Eastwood and quietly scary, but I doubt it worked. He didn't say anything else, though, so that was cool.

I then quick-stepped myself back to the car and got the fuck out of there. I don't need to get shanked with a rake at 7:30am.

always wear your helmet, kids.

I was biking down a residential street about an hour after I finally got a helmet to fit over my giant head + dreads and (I think) hit a shoddily fixed pothole and probably some sand. All I know for sure is that my front wheel went out of control and was on the ground bleeding from somewhere on my head. I looked around to see if anyone was around, particularly kids, and yelled a hearty "FUCK." Then a mailman helped me and my father came and took me to a minor medical clinic or something.

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Hey all-
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now, my problem:
I have read that this is a problem with small locs, but no suggestions for how to deal with it.

Some of my locs are really thin, and develop little balls or bulbs on the end. I try to treat them gently to discourage breaking, but if that little ball comes off, i frequently end up with a loc that's tight on top and in the middle but loose on the bottom. By the time I get it together again, it seems that the same problem develops. I also worry that when I lose those balls, then I'm losing the dropped hair that will give me the length I want. Does anyone else have this problem, is it a bad thing, and am I doing something to cause it? I think maybe I'm twisting them too tightly, Should i backcomb these sections to give them a little more volume, or try mating those locs with others to thicken them up?

hah, don't ask how many i have, I have never counted them, but reading other people's entries has made me want to.

Here are my methods:

I maintain my hair with two tools: a spritzer bottle full of water and a little beeswax. I know many people hate on the wax, but I strongly feel that it depends on a) what kind of hair you have, and b) how much/little wax you choose to use. My hair is *very frizzy* naturally, but not really kinky, so it locks pretty easily, but looks very fuzzy.

So essentially, I spritz the area I'm going to work on, and then twist (with my fingers, not palm rolling) the loc. I think maybe this is treating them too roughly, but they are really too small and short to palmroll! When I'm done twisting, i take a little wax and put it at the root, and smooth down the loc towards the bottom. For the first 4 months I used no wax, just water, but when I was looking for work/interviewing/and now actually working (since I am still new here and trying not to make waves) I started using the wax to calm the frizz, since I think it draws less attention to the fact that I am wearing locs. So unless you have a suggestion for a frizz quick fix, or you are convinced that the wax is the cause of the one thing i consider a problem, please don't comment saying I shouldn't use the wax. Yeah, I said "quick fix," bad me. I'll def. cut back on using it once I've had this job for a few more weeks.

Oh, and I do maintenance on my locs about once a week.

Ok, sorry if this was long winded I just wanted to provide all the information necessary to get the best advice. Thanks!!
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The other day I was hanging out at a gas station talking to my friend who works there, and this black guy comes in and brings a drink up to the counter. we all started laughing about how the lids to the cups there suck because it's really hard to punch the straw through the hole... ANYWAY, out of no where he turns to me and just goes "so, you like reggae music?"
I just kind of smiled and was like " yeah i suppose"
And my friend (who is the one who's been helping me out a ton with my dreads) laughs and says to him "are you just asking her that because of her HAIR?"
we all laugh and he started telling me about his cousin who has dreads down his back and how he's always twisting them and it took him FOREVER to get them to look nice hahha.
That guys was fun, I liked him.

On another note,
I took my bottle of dreadheadhq's "locking accelerator" (which i've only used once lol), and mixed some apple cider vinegar in it, drenched my head with it, and now i'm letting it sit wrapped up in a towel. I'm hoping that'll help dissolve some of the oil build-up and soap that i've had trouble getting out.
I smell like Easter Egg dye. =p

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So this is my first post.
I came across this community recently and after reading a few of the comments I WANT MY DREADS BACK!!!!

When I first came to college (3 years ago) I had completly natural dreads....basically from not combing my hair and swimming everyday (chlorine dried and matted it). They weren't great, but I didnt even try. AND I LOVED THEM. The only thing was that I was sick of random sketchy people coming up to me asking if I smoked. BOO to them! Well and I was trying to find a job. But anyway, one nite I randomly sat down and started combing them out. My friend and I worked on them for 16 hours straight! stopped at 7 30 am went to c lass, wow did it feel great to shower!

But now that I have read all of your posts I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! and this time I wanna do it right. I just gotta wait til I grow my hair out!
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fancy dancy shampoooooie

long story short...
my mom is a hairdresser and i went with her to ace beauty supply today.
i asked the lady about a residue free shampoo that also wouldnt loosen my dreads.

she reccomended a shampoo that is a "men's line" shampoo.

its called AMERICAN CREW tea tree shampoo.

im wondering if anyone has tried this brand?

if not....i'll post later and let you know what i thought!!!

My Little Silas!

I don't know if there are any sports fans around here, but March Madness started today, and someone bought Silas an outfit of where I got my undergrad degree from - University of Kansas.  He is a little four month old trying to fit into a 6 month old onesie!  Ha!

This is a better picture of him!

My ugly mug...I try to use white backgrounds so my dreads stand out.