March 21st, 2008

thank you gudu!

every blue moon i think about chopping off my dreads (which will be 4 years old in june). whenever that happens, i come to this community and see all these gorgeous locks, and wonder why such a silly thought would ever enter my dread head.

thanks for the inspiration, gudu people!

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My dreads are 2 years and 3 months and I am still very much in luv!! They are staring to get really long I am super happy about that. anywho here are some recent pix not a timeline or anything its a lil late for that .

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The smell of dreads

I don't have dreads, myself, but I must confess that the 2 women I've slept with who had dreads turned me on by the smell of their slightly moldy hair.

Sometimes I long for another dready woman in my bed.

Summer time is near, so maybe I'll be granted that wish soon again.
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In my last post, (yesterday) I mentioned how I tried a mix of saltwater and apple cider vinegar in my dreads.... and I'm fairly certain it worked!
At my roots I had a lot of really gross sticky spots (oil build-up, soap i was unable to wash out, etc), and now the majority of the stickiness is completely gone! Especially on the root of this one particular dread that was absolutely disgusting LOL, it feels clean now. =D
I'm super happy about that.

Basically what I did, if you're interested, was mix some apple cider vinegar (although I'm sure regular vinegar would do the same thing haha) with the dreadheadhq 'locking accelerator' i had (basically it's salt water), and totally drenched my head in it. I let it sit wrapped up in a towel for maybe about an hour, then rinsed it out as best i could. I'm going to rinse again today to get any excess vinegar out, but wow. my hair feels fantastic.
I'm sooooo doing this again sometime haha.

^_^ Cheers!

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omg seriously my activity in this community is getting out of control... haha

so... yesterday was the spring equinox and on a whim i took myself along with my dog to the mountains for a hike! burned a nice fat bowl before i headed out and tripped out on the scenery... so i documented my day in photographs! enjoy!

trying to get into "OUTDOOR WEEKLY" haha

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unusual question

I just thought of a really weird question, no I wasn’t planning on doing it, something just reminded me of what I did as a teenager in high school.

I use to take colored pens and markers, often sharpies, and color my hair with it. The pens lasted the day the sharpies staying in for a few washes. I've no idea what kind of damage coloring my hair with ink did, if any. What if you colored your dreads with sharpies? Think it would last longer than a few days since most people don’t wash their dreads on a daily or bi-daily basis. What kind of damage, temporary and permenant, do you think it would do?

3-4 months

so i need a maintenance soonish but i am loving them more and more every day and am starting to notice them growing.

how the hell do you an LJ cut?

heres me grinning

love love guys
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some pics to show progress.......

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Hello to you all!!:):):)I decided to post some pics to show u my dreads......The back ones are 3 & 1/2 months while the others, only one month or less!I dont rub them at all(bad me) and they've started messing one with another....I'm also in this period that i hate them!:(:(

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i hope they change soon....and i cant wait for them to grow!!!come oooon dreadies!!!
:D hugs to you all

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ignorant beauty school students?

So, this past week I decided to get rid of my dreads because I just don't have the motivation right now to do the maintenance I should have been doing. No biggie for me, I do well with change. So I figured that I would do short hair because I had it a few years ago and loved it. I went to a local beauty school to have them do the whole thing. Well when I got there the instructor was trying to convince me that I would have to basically shave my head to get rid of the dreads. It took me like half an hour to convince her that my dreads (only 3 weeks old) would be totally easy to comb out, and even easier if they cut them slightly longer then I wanted and only combed out that little bit. She didn't believe me but went along with what I said anyway, and kept telling the poor girl doing my hair that it would be a waste of time. Well the girls started combing and cutting and seemed shocked to realize that I was right. And she kept commenting that my mine were the cleanest dreads she had ever heard of and that she expected to find food and trash in them. I would have left but I was convinced to teach that ridiculous instructor that dreads weren't dirty and could be combed out.

But seriously.. the point here... in getting dreads I kind of expected random people on the streets to maybe be a little ignorant about the dreads.. but I was appalled that a beauty school instructor would act like that... and even more so that all of their students would leave school with false information about dreads. I guess I just figured hair stylists to be a little more educated because it's what they do for a living.

Not to say all beauty schools, instructors, or stylists think/act like that.. but it was just really something I wasn't prepared for.

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