March 24th, 2008

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I was on here a few months ago with my first attempt at dreads. They fell out twice and I gave up for a while. Yesterday I spent 11.5 hours on my hair and they came out so much better! I bought a better comb which really helped.
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I wrote an essay for school

Hello dread community! I am so exited to be a member. My good friend Paul has been a member for not to long now, and he's already taught me something i never new you could do to dreads just by his reading done on this site. For a process analysis essay in my English class i decided to write what i new about dreads and the main misunderstandings. The essay will pretty much sum up any essay you guys have ever read about those lovley locks we call dreads, but for those people who haven't taken the  journey yet, its a good essay for you.

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hi guys! wanna share with you my last pix:
just me, music, train and my soft dreaaaadies =)

sometimes i think - gods, maybe i should cut them off and have juat soft nature hair, like most of girls has, dont be deterrent for some guys and hidebound people, BE EASIER, more faminine, tender....
BUT in the same time i realize that i CANT say goodbay to my dreadies!!not now. because thats not just a coiffure, i mean, not just a thing like hat or shoes, thats your lifestyle, your attitude if you want... so i stay with them )

sorry for  this bullshit

beatiful day to ya all !!

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Pets and dreads

Hey everybody!

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i thank you for your time

is there anyone in the middle of englandy area that want to help me stop being bored today and tomorrow? and maybe give me a job for april?
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Oh my god, I was thinking yesterday about this community and how I haven't posted since like July! My dreads were 1 year, 10 months old at the time, and now it's almost April and I've had dreads for 2 and a half years! Wooooah!

Remember, this was the beginning...

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Folks meet dreads for first time :S

 So my boyfriend & I went down to Wales this weekend to visit my folks & friends.
It was the first time they had seen my dreads. My folks weren't too impressed, Mum said they looked mouldy dyed blue/green.
But at least they liked Dave =D (They used to loathe him with immense intensity, for some strange reason)

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hi guys, some of you might remember me-- i made a post several weeks ago about how i'm a little asian girl whose dreads keep falling out. so they're still falling out, and i kind of need help, so i was wondering if there's anyone in the NYC area who would be willing to do maintenance on them for me. i live 45 mins away from NYC by train, so if anyone is available let me know and we can work something out. =) p.s., if you want to work on my hair, please please please have serious experience because i've tried most everything that i or my friends already know how to do, and i'm looking for maintenance that will really help and not just look good temporarily.


Hi all, I've been lurking for a while so I finally joined and decided to introduce myself! I've read through the memories almost in their entirety, and I'm super geeked to start my first set of dreads. I'm in the middle of packing to move, so it won't be until the beginning of the month that I get going on them, but I'll be sure to post! I've read back pretty far, everyone seems cool and I love seeing all the pictures, it's making me even more excited to start!

And since it's pet theme time, here are my babies 
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i've barely been round these here parts much lately, i know, but i did notice there's been a lot of talk about extensions.

i've been doing wool ones lately for folks who want to start their dreads longer than their natural hair will allow. i stayed away from real hair as because it allows a little too much movement for babydreads. the wool though? they're light, strong, stable, firesafe, fun and easy to colour match, and soft. mmmmm soft.

so yes, i wanted to share.

meet jackie's head about three weeks ago:

and then i bought me some white merino, colour matched the wool, and installed them. today, she came over for her two week check up (because, as we all know, the first two weeks can be tough, and sometimes you have questions or run into problems, etc, and would love to be able to talk to your stylist) and me?
i'd forgotten that they were only going to get better.

her hair is now half human, half sheep. the human hair locks so much faster with wool on the bottom. i knew it would, she's not my first wool install, but oh god, i always forget.

cheers, folks. ♥
(there's more on my journal if you're that interested :))

oh! AND!
knot your average girl is BACK and kickin' in southern california. dreadlock maintenance, installation, gosh, anything you might need, i can do it, and damn well. juuuust incase anyone needs anything ;)
website/myspace/tribespace all in the works

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dyed my dreads with henna after doing a little research online. i used 150g of henna for hair (forgot the is gone thanks to boyfriend for once cleaning off the counters! the ingredients were just henna leaves. i got it at a small india market..started with a sel..or, forget it.) mixed it with lemon juice (enough to make it a semi-wet paste) and some herbal ginger and passionfruit tea. i let it sit overnight but the dye started to release in something like, 3 hours. it smells like...hay. even after i took 20 mins to rinse it all out. my coworkers said they could smell me coming. nothing new there though. :) just wanted to share the outcome...<lj-cut text="herbal animal?"><img src=""></lj-cut>
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