March 26th, 2008

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Last night me and my sister went in to Oslo to just hang, she wanted to take me shopping since I broke up whit my boy on Monday and she felt I needed to get out. I said I would as long as I could go just the way I looked. The way I looked was a bit shabby, baggy jeans, my jacket whit a hooded jacket under, whit the hood up of course, and my dreads poking out. On top of that, my eyes were all puffy from crying most of the day. Still I think it was my dreads that created the situation. As we walked out of the main train station we were followed by a women that no doubt about it was on drugs, she looked at me as if she wanted to ask me something, then when I looked at her, she looked away, when we stopped for a smoke she came up to me and poked me carefully in the shoulder. I turned to her and asked her what it was she wanted, did she want a cigarette? She told me no, actually she didn’t smoke, she just wondered if I knew were she could score some amphetamines!

My sister thought this was way funny of course, me on the other hand hopes that this was a one time thing and that most people don’t think I know people who sell drugs. Well, I do, but I don’t like that they do, and anyway, the ones I know only sell weed.


Well, under the cut there are two pictures my sister took of me last night, one is a bit blurry. Two years and tree months, and still growing!



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alright guys, i swear im done posting every few days, but im in need of some serious help.

let me give you the run down:

i stopped brushing my hair probably about 4 years ago, i dont even own a brush anymore, but my hair does NOT tangle at all.

i backcombed my hair about a week or so ago into a full set of dreads and since then, ALL of them have come completely undone save one or two that are barely hanging in there. now i backcombed them pretty tightly, it took 6 hours and i dont have all that much hair. i went swimming (i know, bad decision.) and now my hair is completely tangle-free. this is ridiculous.

im looking for someone who would be willing to backcomb the back of my head for me, since its damn near impossible and i dont want them falling out again.

i live in southern california (oceanside, to be specific. im an hour away from mexico.), but im willing to travel a little. if youre willing to come down to help me, we've got an extra room you can bunk in.


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Does anyone know where I can buy some glass beads, cheaply, that have an inside 'mm' of at least 25mm for my fatty?

I on a student budget, which is generally nothing.

And, on a seperate note, anyone living around Nottingham/Derbyshire?

Just wondered if there were any locals in here :)

Timeline of massive pictureness  to come soon....(they turned 2 years in feb), as I finish Uni in 4 weeks times...woohoo :)


*experts* in north texas?

hello folks.

i'm looking for someone who knows what they're doing to put some dreads in long, fine hair. 
i'm in dfw... willing to travel to you or host you here. whatcha got?
unfortunately, no one in texas in the memories... maybe you're out there and just not on the list? 
*fingers crossed* 

xo! ash
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Hello, I'm new

Hi there, I just joined.
I had my first set of dreads about 7 years ago and they didn't last very long due to me being rubbish at taking care of them. Anyway, in the years following I started dreads on a few friends (jame0 being one of them, and he still has them like 5 years on :D) and recently I got thinking I was bored with my hair but I didn't want to cut it all off... so I have dreads again. And this time I am keeping them!
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