March 27th, 2008

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I woke up this morning and needed a change. I often do that when things that are not so good happens in my life, it’s my way of putting it behind me and moving forward. At first I thought about cutting my dreads of, but then I thought that it would be stupid and that I would regret it for years. Then I remembered that my mum gave me some semi permanent hair colour not to long ago, so I coloured my hair…


… and cut my bangs.

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Pets and Dreads!

Hello all! This pet theme is fun! I would like to introduce Spike to all of you! He's a ginger tom and we've had him for a year but he's about 7 years old... I think. My other cat and dog live with at my mum's house along with my brother's african something or other frog named Mittens... don't ask, I didn't! Unfortunately I don't have piccys of them but I took some of Spike's face and my face today, and here they are!

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Avalon Organics?

I was in one of our local organic stores (The Green Life Market) and saw some tea tree oil care products towards the front. They were Avalon Organics. I can't remember if I saw the peppermint/tea tree oil shampoo in the actual store or not, but I definitely saw at least the tea tree oil shampoo. I was wondering, are these alright for dreads, or should I just stick with making my own solutions? Also, I'm not sure if they're technically residue-free or not, since they don't come out straight and say it.

dreadlocks, round three.

dreading my hair for the third time. it's very liberating to know how much i like having short hair, so if i get tired of these, i won't be afraid to just chop them off. (although, hopefully, they'll last at least a few years.)

i'm dreading it little by little, kind of letting it begin to dread itself and then helping it along. in a few months, i should have a full head.

you can see my rattail! oh no! (it was my favorite from my last set, which i cut off almost a year ago. i couldn't bear to part with it, and it happened to be at the nape of my neck. so i have a rattail!)

dreadlocks, round 3

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i totally forgot to tell you guys.

somewhere in seattle, there exist together:

- 1 dreaded mother
- 1 dreaded twin sister

they were maybe 9 & had gorgeous MATCHING sets of dreads. holy crap. i didn't run to take pics because it's freaking creepy to do that, especially to little kids... but someone with different ethics than me in seattle - watch out for them! :D