March 28th, 2008



Hi there guys and gals, I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, I figured now was as good a time as any seeing as how my dreads are 6 or 7(depending how you look at it) months old this last sunday. Anyways, I am Jonny and here's my story :p

Let's see.. I started my dreads last September, but did them slowly over a months time. I finished them oct 23rd which is my birthday. I have alot of game dreads, a few movie dreads and then some epic dreads. Most noted would have to be my "knocked up dread" which I got while watching the movie and happens to be my fattest and tightest dread, which wasn't planned, hence the name.

I am wax free, decided to go that route after reading through the memories for a month or two before I started my set :D

So, to be on the theme of things atm here's an oldish pic of me with my cat Nuegious the 2nd(or nuege for short)


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Thanks for your time you awesome dreadies :)
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an update!

over spring break i went to visit with several of my friends from brooklyn and queens. much adventuring and fun was had, in the forms of giant dinosaurs, karaoke, and Collapse )
after spring break, i moved into my new apartment, and then proceeded to do Collapse )

results achieved with lishd's bleaching/dyeing instructions. i'm very pleased with the outcome; i feel it's a color more aligned with my attitude and personality of late. i originally was planning to go for a more natural type of red, but i went for the more vivid choice. the color in some of the last pictures is rather orange-y looking, but in person, it's still pretty reddish. after my hair has had a chance to recover, i'm going to do the tips in a dark brown.

that's all. :D


I feel semi-pretty today, so I took some photos. They're only crappy iSight photos because my guy stole the batteries out of the camera. Rawr. Oh and sorry about the boobage.

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Sorry this isn't a better entry guys. I promise there will be one soon. I'm actually not too happy with my hair right now - so many loose hairs - so every picture I take I hate.

Have a great weekend guys! ♥

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Third post in tree days!


SMS from my aunt: You need to cut those dreads of! My five year old daughter won’t let me brush her hair because she wants to look like her auntie. But I am not the kind of person to have a kid with dreads, even if I think it looks cool.


SMS from me: I won’t cut them, but I can adopt her, because I am the kind of person to have a kid with dreads!


SMS from my aunt: She is a five year old with the temper of a teenager, and I must admit that sometimes it would be nice to have her gone for a while. However, she loves her mum really much these days, so now she lets me brush her hair.

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is it just me or are there more non- African American/ Jamaican (aka white/Asian) ppl with dreads now a days?

when i lived in nyc i hardly saw any, now in Boston i see some everyday other day at least.

maybe it just me, or are dreads the new alternative-"it" do?

Dready Customers

Hello dearies!
What do you think about dready beards? Today at the store one of my customers had a bi-dreaded beard. It was... interesting. They looked clean, and when I asked how old they were, he estimated around four years. They seemed to be at least a foot and a half and maybe like a quarter in diameter. It looked at his beanie'd head and there definitely weren't any cousins of the beard up there. My mum - who adamantly hates dreads - was visiting me and was in line behind this guy. I asked DreadyBeardMan about his set and I could see Mum grimace. She totally tensed up visibly enough to be seen from the corner of my eye. I really liked the look of this guy though. He had great piercings, a glowing personality, and he seemed really, very cool.
So I was wondering, have you ever had dreads in your beard?
Would you (assuming you could)?
What do you think about them?
At first I was like, huh, interesting. ...interesting and cool! And then I got to thinking that they're not that much different from head dreads. And maybe they're easier to auto-maintain. Would they get in the way of eating? Can you sling them o'er your shoulder, can you tie 'em in a bow? Would they get in the way of peeing?
Alas... I will never know from personal experience. Why don't girls get beards???
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