March 29th, 2008

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my girlfriend took some pictures of me playing an old guitar on our trip to oregon this past week. (and by the way the dog is these pictures is honestly the most loving dog ive ever seen. she made me so happy.)
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First dream about *my* dreads

Happened finally, but oddly enough I didn't cut them off or brush them out or shave my head.

I dyed them pink and blue... haha. I don't know why, I just all of a sudden had a tub of dye and started smearing it in my dreads and my mom of all people helped me do it.

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Theme post!

My dreads are 4 mo. old, and coming along pretty well!  i have gotten better about just letting them be.

Yeah, they're tiny, I have't counted them, but I'm sure there's more than a 100 there.  So, tiny dreads, represent!

I have wanted to lock my hair for a long time, so I am crazy proud of myself for going through with this.  Sorry if the photos are cruddy, the only camera I have access to atm is the one in my new laptop (issued by my new job, something else to be crazy proud of!)

jack, the puppy (10 mo)
HA! this picture cracks me up.

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 today, a friend helped me start my dreads. she took small sections of hair, backcombed them a tiny bit (i would say more like "teased" them), then put rubberbands on the tips so i can tell each one apart....i guess i'm just a little bit concerned with how they're going to turn out, and how long it's going to take for them to really look like dreads.  i know that after the initial backcombing, you shouldn't touch them. but, since they're more "teased" than backcombed, it would probably be safe for me to go back through and backcomb a little more thoroughly, right? also, is the placement of the rubberbands going to upset anything? having them on the tips of the hair instead of near the roots?

sorry, i guess i'm just a bit nervous, is all.
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i've been experimenting with felting needles on my own dreads & with loose hair, & i believe i've figured out quite well what they're capable of.

this is to say, i'm very fucking pleased with the results.

no pics for now - i'm still in my robe - but i will paypal $2 to anyone who can find the earliest mention of felting needles on this community.

Week and a half

Well, my boyfriend was visiting me, and we used his camera to take pics of my week and a half old dreads. They're just over two weeks old now, and there's a party on my head! Half of them are unravelling, and the other half are tightening. It's hard to leave them alone, but I'm doing it. I figure that the ones who come apart all the way can be re-done and they might change their mind and decide to lock up if I just keep my hands to myself for a month or so. I'm still palmrolling when they're wet, spritzing them with salt water. I'm not really sure it's doing anything tho. TT_TT Everyones dreads here are so pretty, I feel a little on the un-dreaded side. I think I may just have been successful in managing to mess them up. I had a weird nightmare the other night where I took a felting needle to them and kept jabbing myself in the hand as I worked, and ended up with a big nasty beavertail for head. My dog was in the background, watching me from a podium, and she spoke with the voice of an asian man, telling me, "Patience, young grasshopper!" ... I swear to god I'm straight edge, but I did eat a pretzel close to bedtime....


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Here are some pictures of my friends dreads that I have worked on over the years. It seems like its a hot topic here about what is better, completely natural and natty or neat and tidy. I like both personally as long as they are clean. I have had my dreads for 11 years (default pic) and have learnt a lot about what not to do. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them.