March 30th, 2008

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vegan dread question

hi dreadies!
this is probably an obvious question, but i couldn't find an answer in the memories...
my question is....
do vegan dreads entail not dying them?

i was wondering if vegan locks mean that no chemicals are used on them,
and/or no animal byproducts are used on ? or a combination of both?
a combination of both sounds about right, as its no natural...


sorry if this is obvious.
maybe i'm too sick to see it.
me painted


My hair has grown a little since I cut my first set of dreads off a few months ago. I know it'll be awhile until I have the hair length to get started again, which annoys me.

Dreadlocks feel like something I really, really want to want...if that makes any sense. I feel so impatient, especially when I see all the images of long, gorgeous mature locks.

I fully plan to let my hair grow and try it again, and if the stars (and finances) are right I might even be making an appointment with the lovely lishd to start my second set. We're planning a trip to the Northwest some time in the next year, so with a little luck maybe my hair will be ready when we are.

But, yeah, just a post to say I totally envy the lovely dreadlocks on this site- and I have hope that next time around I'll be better prepared!
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hi! im new

hi guys! im new to the community, i don't have dreads yet but im hoping to at the end of may ( i need about another 1-2 inches of growth)

but i was wondering are Knotty Boy Products any good? i love their site and information but i like to research before i go into something

thanks in advance

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pray for nothing

People suck...

Background story:
So I went to the Anarchist book fair in SF (best thing ever by the way) and commented in a post to Anarchists (another livejournal group) how lovely it was to see community, comrades and dreadies. Well most of what I got back was "white kids with dreads are the problem", "stupid white kids with dreads" and some totally horrid websites like this one....

I cannot believe how ignorant and misinformed this site is.

I responded with my best efforts to show how pointless it is to judge other people and how it wouldn't help bring Anarchists together but to split us up. I was seriously upset and sad and am so disappointed. I cannot believe people actually think this way.

I wonder how these people wear their hair. Are any of them bald? Is that a culture steal from Buddhist monks? I wonder. How silly all of this but it really upsets me to see such an ignorant view on personal choice.

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i honestly havent checked the memories, but its a weird ques i guess so it might not be there. anybody have issues when washing their dreads that its REALLY heavy. i mean, like, its hard to keep your head up cuz its so much dam hair. honestly, i dont have long dreads (although i wish.. i have patience ^_^) so if i'm having an issue i'm thinking alotta you guys know what i'm saying. is ther something specific you do?

heres a pic of what i'm working with here. 7+ months old


i figured it'd throw this in. my 2 loves- working at the aquarium and painting right after. one job to another i say

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Hey everyone! I'm sort of new to the comm, but so far I LOVE it! You are all so warm and friendly! I currently have no dreadlocks due to the fact that I am looking for a job, but hopefully soon I'll be able to put in my second set! Since there seems to be a pet theme going on, I guess I can jump on that band wagon and show a few pictures of my pack!

This is Bella, a 1 yr. old Bull Terrier. It is actually my stepdad's dog, but I usually take care of her walking and training. We're good buddies! We live down the road from Lake Michigan, so this is our usual walking spot.

<lj-cut text="Pics">

My dogs and I out on a walk a week or two ago with a photograph-loving friend along to take our picture!

This was actually our Christmas card. They were only interested in the dog treats I was holding above my head! :P

Charlie, a Daschund mix, who I've had since I was 10 (I am now about 19). He was my first dog, and he was the one who got me interested in dog training and showing. We accomplished a UCD and UAG1 title in his very short show career. He's now retired because he has back problems and is going blind and deaf. I love him a lot even though he is a little bugger some of the time.

My stepdad's other dog, Chester. (He was annoying my stepdad, so he colored all over him! Don't worry! It was non-toxic, washable marker!)

My sister's dog, Lizzy, who is actually a relative of Charlie's (just from a different litter). She is comical.

And here are my embarrassing dreadies...that I only had for about a month last summer.,,then I got fired from my job because they decided they didn't like my dreads after all, so my mother made me take them out so I could find a new job. My hair has since grown down past my shoulders, and I plan to get a second, better set of dreads VERY soon! I'm excited to do it the right way this time! I  wasn't well informed the first time, but I've been doing research for about a year now, so I'm confident I'll end up with some sweet dreads within the next year or two (I hope!)

I don't have any recent pictures of me otherwise, so maybe I'll post some more later on. Anyway, hope you enjoyed my dogs.
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i went to joshua tree last week!

....and it was amazing! sadly, there are very few even decent dread-shots since they were tied back for the majority of the trip but i am going to post them anyway, because they turned 1 this month and that's what i am feelin'!

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and, sticking with a theme... some pictures of my sweet lil cat ramona. one of them... maybe?.. nsfw? but probably. the other probably not for the faint of heart (she needed stitches)

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