March 31st, 2008

thinking of cutting?

so after a wash today it's becoming apparent that my breakage is showing no signs of slowing... I've been trying to be very gentle while I wait for the broken hair near the roots to grow out long enough to sew back into my dreads but the more that breaks the less hair is holding on to the dreads and it's just breaking more and more... and now there are lots of dreads which look like they might just snap off in the night. Most of the dreads in question are a little on the skinnier side and they are all the ones on the lower sides and back of my head... I'm starting to think I might not be able to save them. I'm too busy with papers and such to comb them out or anything for a week and a bit so I guess that gives me a bit of time to think about it. I know I wont be able to salvage much but I should have like the amount of my bangs in a choppy short cut.  I'm okay with it I think... and for the record I still blame the breakage on getting a crappy perm and then the cycle of breakage. I don't know, if anyone can suggest an alternative let me know, if not wish me luck!

tonights process

Okay so tonight didnt go so well, i think it was a combination of my hair being too short and me back combing wrong.

so next weekend i am going to retry the back combing, if that doesnt work then i need to wait for a bit more length!( im thinking 1-2 more inches as right now my hair is about 1 1/2 - 2 inches in the shortest parts))

but until there here is a before pic of me, dont run away lol :-P

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Showing off just a couple of dreads & theme pics!

Alright, here's one I haven't seen posted lately, but if I'm wrong, show me where plz k lovaya.

I only have two dreads. My hair is barely down to my shoulders, and I couldn't wait for it to grow out any longer, so I've got one tucked behind my left ear and one on the upper right back side of my head (on the crown). Problem-- they're barely visible and I want my dreads to be glowing with that effervescent loveliness that only dreads can manage! They're under layers upon layers of hair, and even when I tie them up in a ponytail they blend in with my hair. I want them to shine!

If you're like me and you only have a couple of dreadlocks, how do you show them off?

And here are my theme pictures and for good measure, a picture of my first full set

This is Henri, he has feline autism, he's walleyed and has no center of balance and is the light of my life.

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a journey in partial dreads!

some have been asking about my partial-dreading, so here goes nothing;

the first time i ever got any sort of dread was about 4 years ago when i was clueless about dreads and was stupid enough to pay a euro for some hairstylist in madrid to make one single dread in my hair;

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hope this was somewhat enjoyable!
NPH: Suit up!

(no subject)

Hey. I'm new to the Seattle [ The Capitol Hill area ] and during all this moving and such, my dreads have gotten close to no maintance done. I'm really frustrated with how they look right now, so I was wondering if any of your dreadheads know of anyone who would do maintance on my hair or where I could go to get it done, and estimate for how much?

Thanks. =]

(no subject)

Hello there all. I went through the memories to look for the answer to my question but I only found one relevant entry & it didn't really answer what I was wanting to ask. If you guys want me to delete this after you've read it feel free to let me know & I'll throw it out the window.
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hello lovelies

first time i've been able to get on here in a while so heres a story for you:
basically last weekend my house burnt down, well more specifically my upstairs burnt down, luckily my family and me are ok though sadly some of my pets didnt make it :(
I have spent literally every evening since trying to get the smell of burnt plastic out of my dreads ...
very not easy, finally found a solution :]
I sprayed a product called "oust" on my hair, its suposedly a "odour eliminater" it worked kindof, but then my hair just smelled of carpet... so I found an elaborate solution to getting my hair to smell nice again:
Using clips i attatched the end of all my dreads to a wire coat hanger, then hung this to the shelf behind a couch, i placed to of my favourite (nag champa+patchouli) incense sticks burning in a cup directly under neath my hair .
Now they smell lovely :)

you can see my friends dreads alot better than mine in this... i dont even know what my facial expression is about.
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Soon I will be buying a new bike to use as my main means of transportation during the summer. The only problem I can think of is this: I have a lot of trouble even putting on a baseball type hat for work, and I can't imagine fitting a helmet over my dreads. What do you guys do about helmets?

Anyone in the savannah area? i need help!

Hi Hi hello everybody!

I am trying to put extenders on my dreadlocks and i have been able to get 6 on good and strong but i need help doing the rest of my dome. I already have the human hair (that i am dreading as we speak), the elastics, three crochet hooks and scissors etc. I just need some understanding hands!

I live in Savannah, GA and i am only here for another week and a half before i have to go back to Germany.

I have a fire pit outside and snacks and movies so it wont be awkwardly silent or anything...

well i guess if anyone is interested please email me at
thanks muchly!
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flashy makeup

one month + alittle

first i wanna thank everyone who commented on my last post, which is

i stopped covering my hair at night and stopped doing just about anything with them as per everyone's advice...other than washing/drying them that is. for right now i am pretty much neglecting them, except for the random palm rolling every once in a while.

i made it alittle past one month so far and just wanted to show them off. i have a hard time telling whether or not they are actually progressing, but one month is a short time so i don't expect anything yet. 

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Hi, I'm a lurker. Question: for those who use or have used rubber bands, what sort have you tried? Have you experienced this issue below?

I have white blonde bleached hair. (I'm in my 5th month.) Initially, I secured a few in the back with black rubber bands. My goal was to section out the ones with the potential of becoming much too messy and let the rest naturally dread themselves, with which I'm had much success. Anyway, the contrast of the black bands against my color was so stark that I switched to clear after the first week. Since, I've noticed I have a nasty subtle black residue on the half-dozen dreads which I secured with those black rubber bands. I believe the oils in my hair broke down some of the rubber and it sank into my dreads.

I thought it important to let others know - maybe some of you out there have dark hair and are unable to see this nasty side-effect. A good friend with dreads has said she's found whole melted chunks of black rubber (from the same style bands) fused with her dreads months down the line. Yeesh.

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Any suggestions for removing the gunk? I tried separating it a bit and then pawing at it to no avail.