April 1st, 2008

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dear dread heads,
    I am wanting to do two dreads one on my right and another on my left. I remember seeing a girl on here who just did one dread but I cannot find her. If you are out there I would love to know what you did because I fear I am overanalyzing everything because I'm only doing one and not 30+. I looked through memories and found wonderful advice but I didn't see anything on dreading small portions. Really all I'm asking is does the process of dreading change since there are so few.

I hope that all made sense because I tend to blabber on and on. Thanks:)

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oh and here is what my hair looks like and where I want it located, the angle in the pic is kinda janky but oh well

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I'm having a dandruff issue. I've read the memories. Hell, I've sort of dealt with this before with my other two sets. I've done the apple cider vinegar rinse, and the only issue with that is fear of it softening my hair too much (because this is what it does when you use it for no 'poo, which I used to do with my brushable hair) and preventing knotting/loosening my knots.

I use lavender Bronners and wash my hair every 5 days or so. They're about a month and a half old.


remember me?

hi, i'm reba.

i started combing out my dreads in October it took me until ...January to finish. i had them for a year and a month or two, the ones closer to the top of my head i had for a year and a half.
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I just wanted to bring this to all of you lovely peoples' attention:

So praise mighty Dr. Bronners. Blahblahblah.

...But a major fail on Trader Joe's! I bought their generic brand of Dr. B's soap (peppermint). The ingredients are fairly the same. If anyone wants, I'll type up the ingredients of the TJ's soap.

But anywho! I've used the TJ's soap on my head quite a few times on my dreads and my loose bangs, and it absolutely fails on getting any oils out. I diluted it less, didn't dilute it at all, basically many variations, scrubscrubscrub, and nothing is getting the natural oils out. Maybe this is why the bottle was only 2$ when a relatively-similar sized bottle of Dr. B's was 10$?

If you had different experiences, do tell.
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I really believe in miracles. and really feel, that magic exists. and I see, it would be much harder to live without this feeling. so I want to wish you - never loose that magic in your heart and soul.

every morning I wake up with true happiness that I am the one with dreadlocks.

starting over.

hi everyone,
i've made two desperate posts on gudu in the past regarding my current set of dreads. i've struggled with them for two months now and my friends and i decided it's time to just start over. they were never sectioned in the beginning, were backcombed in weird angles, i didn't know how to take care of them, and at this point i feel like they've served me as nothing more than a crash course and i need to start over the right way. i've learned a lot just by trying to keep them intact and i hope that my second set (which i'll be starting over april break) will be more successful.

if anyone has any advice or optimistic words i'd really appreciate it. thanks in advance. i love and admire you all and hope i look as badass as you someday. :)

i may be overanalyzing this, but in regards to what i said about my dreads having been backcombed in odd angles, is there a certain way you should be dreading it..? i know that most people begin with their dreads sticking straight out, and they manage to settle in to a comfortable position...a bunch of mine tend to flip to the side and such because i didn't particularly do that. advice? :S