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HAIR [02 Apr 2008|09:17am]

me on stage at sabrepulse's last gig.
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[02 Apr 2008|09:31am]
Every fall I decide that I want my hair to be darker. It's a winter thing. Then of course as soon as it starts getting all sunny and nice out again, I want lighter brown or blond. This year I think I made a big boo boo. I started with my dark brown color, and when I decided this year that I want to go lighter so I got a box dye.... a some shades lighter than what I had. I'm not sure if I should have expected this or not but my hair is now darker than it was before! almost black. I hate it! well I don't hate it but I don't want it. I've been through the memories and I have read both that you "cant go from black to blond" But then there some people who say that it can.

So my question is should I just wait and not do anything with it. Maybe the sun will lighten it up this summer. Or should I go for bleach? I don't want to damage my hair too bad. I don't want my hair to fall out or anything. What would happen if I used box dye's? Nothing or can I expect them to darken my hair still? I just don't know. Advice Please????

Here is I pic to give you an idea of the color.
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[02 Apr 2008|11:51am]
so I'm in Toronto now for the foreseeable future (or until they kick me out) and eggplantman and I took some pictures (nothing naked, sorry Lishd)

some are hyooge, lots of picturesCollapse )

until next time...
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Dread confusions [02 Apr 2008|02:33pm]
Last night at climbing (indoor rock climbing) I was talking with this other guy that has dreads about what shampoo he uses. A girl I was climbing with says, "Wait, you wash dreads?" I said, "Yeah. Did you seriously think I hadn't washed my hair in a month." She nodded. Why is everyone so igorant about dreads??

Then, today in my French class this one blond sorority girls said, "Oh, your hair is different. How long does it take?" I thought she meant the orignal dreading, so I said about six hours. She said, "Every morning?!?!?" 
Uh...no. Ha ha. So I had to explain that it's like matted hair/knots and you don't comb them out every night. She'd never heard the term dreadlocks before, either!
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New Dreadhead [02 Apr 2008|04:07pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

 Hey everyone.  Just thought I'd post an official hello.  I've replied to a few posts... and posted one question a while back... but I haven't really formally introduced myself or posted any pictures.

My name is Holly and I'm from Ontario, Canada.  I found this community before I got my dreads, and it has helped me a great deal before and afterwards!!  

Initially, I had really wanted synthetic dreads... for a couple years.  But I realized that they would be far too expensive for my budget, and that they took a lot of time to install, uninstall, etc... among other cons that outweighed the positives - for me anyways.  So I started looking into natural dreads, which is when I found  get_up_dread_up.  I learned a lot about dreads, which also took me into a whole new way of thinking.... I liked that they were minimum fuss (apart from maintenance and washing), that they were natural, and that they were something that could be mine and that I could cherish and watch grow.  I always refer to my dreads as the 'little garden on my head' ... because that's what it feels like :)  They are something I tend to, and the journey of watching them change and grow as a result is really rewarding. 

So here I am today.  I got my dreads on January 7th, 2008.  I regret not having very many better pictures of the first couple months.... But I took some today.  

Right now, I'm happy with some aspects of my dreads... and a bit unhappy with others.

You can probably see the ends of the dreads pretty well in those pictures.  One of the things I'm not really happy with is how the ends of my dreads refuse to dread!  They were dreaded to the end when I first had them backcombed (using a combo of backcombing and the rip and twist method), but over the past 3-4 months they've come undone.  On some dreads, half of the dread is undreaded.  I'm not pulling my hair out over this cus I know they'll dread sooner or later.... but I wanted to know - Is there anything I can do to help them along?

Thanks for looking.  And thanks for all of the help I've recieved from reading your posts!!  Love looking at all of the beautiful locks on here :)  

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Video [02 Apr 2008|05:28pm]
I washed the locks last night, and here is a picture post-washing.  I can never get a picture of me with a good smile!  :)

I also posted a video on my site using a floss threader.  If you are trying to get rid of frizz, then I highly recommend checking it out. 
Anybody else use them?

Video Link

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I'm here for the pet theme... [02 Apr 2008|06:03pm]
I loved seeing your pets!

Here's mine, and some locky photos also, because this is in fact a dread comm right :)

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over anxious maybe? [02 Apr 2008|06:05pm]

To soothe my worries would you guys post pictures of what your dreads looked like in the very beginning. I'm afraid I've fucked them up. 

Edited:Thanks to all who commented :) You def. helped chill me out

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Hey Gudu, let me pick your collective brains. [02 Apr 2008|06:05pm]
I work part time at MAC Cosmetics, and in a few weeks we are having a "celebrity" theme day. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas for a dreaded celebrity who is recognizable to the general public and wears a noticeable amount of makeup? I am totally stuck on this one.
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First post. [02 Apr 2008|07:42pm]
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dread sistas [02 Apr 2008|07:58pm]
[ mood | high ]

some pictures of my dreads, and pictures of harriet and me.
i made harriet's dreads, they took 9 hours.
theres a lot of pics guys :)

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just cause i have pics and dreads...so i share [02 Apr 2008|08:58pm]
so i made a really good post. and then my computer went wonkey. so heres the summary with pics.

last weekend=snowboading in canada (Mont Avila) with my mexican surfin buddy.
first and last time out this season.
not quite ready for the park yet.
maybe i would be if i didnt live at the beach
my pet post.
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Wishing I had a cat....but none the less.... [02 Apr 2008|09:09pm]

I've been a member long before I started my dreads when I was shy and had synth dreads first.  :) Loved those. Can't wait till my hair grows out to that length!....which was about mid-chest.

So hello!!!. I'm Tieara, chicago, 27, and I love how abstract I am......

My dreads are about eight months old. Yippie!

The begining. August  07 I think....about three months to a month after I started my dreads.

I'm so pleased with the way my dreads have grown. I never want them to look neat and perfect like many black people I see. I love them for there imperfectness......

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European dread making [02 Apr 2008|09:57pm]
what method do the europeans make to do their dreads so neat and uniform as soon as they make them. They arent left big and fluffy like the ones we usually see in this forum.

On youtube i found a video of the method http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xav_qMrXWPE&feature=related
but not sure if the person is using a felting needle or a crochert hook to make the dreadlock.

If it s a felting needle dont ask me how they arent jabbing themsleves in the fingers. Felting hurts.

what fo you think?
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Hello, again. [02 Apr 2008|10:31pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I seriously doubt you guys remember me, but I've been here before!
I'm Caroline.  I'm 18.  I currently live in Wisconsin, but lived in Denmark, and am moving to New Zealand, so dreadheads around the world, rejoice?  I had dreads, I cut them off, I stopped brushing my hair in September, and now I'm here.
I've got a mess of crappy dreads and a lot of loose hair right now, but damnit, I'm feeling good about it, and maybe you will, too.  And maybe there's someone out there who wants to believe that some dopey white kid can have some dopey white kid dreads without putting a whole bunch of product or labor into their hair.  I think people would like to hear that.

But you don't care.  Here are some pictures!

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