April 3rd, 2008

hair poster

i went to the san diego zoo today!

and the alpha male orangutan had some sweet dreads. i think my cousins got a good pictue, but the camera on my phone did not... thanks to google tho, here is a youtube vid of him walking around. might wanna turn your volume down tho... lots of little kid chatter that goes loud/soft/loud in the audio

Pink Bead

My Dreads and My Beads

I have been lurking for a while, without actually formally introducing myself...I am Madi.
My dreads  are a little over 15 months old now. And they are all maturing very well.
I colored them about a month ago, and i am absolutely in love with the color...
here are a few pictures for you.

After: day i colored them they were a little over 14 months

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a bit of a stalkeroo.


on tuesday of this week, on the skytrain from granville to king george station in british columbia, i saw a beautiful girl with dreads.
she was with a long-haired boy who, i assumed, was preparing for a set of dreads, as well.

i was just wondering if that girl is a member of get_up. i basically only wanted to say that you & your dreads are lovely. :)

One Month Dreadies!

Yes! My fuzzy babies have just turned one month of age. I can't tell you how happy I am with them, it was the best choice I've ever made. So I figured it would be a good time to show you guys how they are doing. I posted long ago the evening after I had them done, all backcombing and nothing else, just epic amounts of palmrolling. Thank goodness for having an adventurous and willing friends to help me backcomb and roll these puppies! <3

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7 month timeline

Ok, so I just finished a bunch of projects and writing a midterm, so I'm taking the afternoon off. And that means timeline! I was going to wait until they were a year and actually looked good, but here they are anyways! They're weird and lumpy and kind of misshapen, but I love them. I've been pretty good about taking pictures of my hair along the way, but apparently none of them include my face.

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They are turning out completely different than I expected. I love watching them change... I just hope the shrinking is done now! I hope everyone has a fantastic afternoon!
pony tail in my room

calling all college students (and alums)!

hello lovely dreadheads :) I'm writing this post to get help with some research I'm doing and hopefully unite some fellow dreadheads on college campuses =]
so let me start from the beginning. I go to Cal State Northridge and work in the dorms as a Resident Advisor. I first took the job to move away from my parents but started to learn about the jobs that my supervisors had and the jobs their supervisors had and all the way up the line to the president of the university. I started asking a lot of questions and learned more and more about this field called Student Affairs and the opportunities available in the field and pretty much decided that I want to have a career working on a college campus! =D
Now with this realization came the task of finding a grad school I want to get my Masters in Student Affairs in and my search for the "right" school for me. At which point I thought who better to ask than a community of friendly people that live and go to school there (or have lived and gone to school there.) sooooo.... some questions I have for the community are:

what college/university do you attend/have you attended?
what was your experience with the community outside the school?
(social, quiet, lively, boring, etc.)
was the surrounding area and the college itself vegetarian friendly?? (this question is actually the one I'm most interested in an answer for because it'd be a whole lot of research to do to find out without asking. also, I'm wondering if there are places close by to buy fresh fruits and veggies and veggie protein products and places to eat out)
does the campus have a rec center or a nice gym for students?
and last question is what is your favorite part of going to school there?

any information you share will be more than helpful on my search for the school I'll spend two years at and if you have any questions about student affairs, I'd love to share my newly acquired knowledge about it ^_^ thanks a bunches

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Mr. Kite

Fuzzy Dreads and Fuzzy Friends

Thank for all your ideas on my "celebrity" post yesterday. I'm still not sure who to be, it all depends on if we are allowed to be a character from a film, or have to portray a celebrity with a distinctive style.

I think I'm a bit late on the dreads and pets theme, but I haven't taken pictures in ages. I'm just a bit past the two month mark and loving my progress. I bought some felting needles yesterday. Tonight will be spent watching movies, and trying to coax lose dreads at my nape to stay in. 

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yo ho ho

well i dont really have much to say right now, but im bored and kind of sad. sad because my girlfriend and i no longer are, i dont really know how i feel about it. it probably wouldnt have worked anyway, us being so far apart. its a little worse because i was going to go ever to stay for the summer and have tickets that i dont seem to be able to get a refund on.. money isnt everything but this was just crappy timing... anyways, so pictures...
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1mm crochet maintenance

so i've checked the memories about crocheting dreads, and they are usually about using small crochet hooks about 2mm or 3mm in size.
i myself have been using a 2.5mm crochet hook once in a while to maintain my dreads.
i've just watched the video posted a few days ago using a crochet technique,
which is different from the crochet technique that i'm familiar with (of sticking the hook through the dread and wrapping around loose hairs at the other end)
this method appears to be more like felting,
because the person seems to be jabbing at the dreads
except from what i understand
its not a felting needle, its a 1mm crochet hook.
which is a lot smaller than the 2.5mm hooks ive been using
the video is here:
does anyone have instructions on how to do this technique?
or can someone direct me to instructions via memories if i have missed it?
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