April 5th, 2008

cameo bunny

I can have dreads?

Hiya. New comer, had my dreads all of a week and just re-backcombed 'em actually since the first time I used way too much wax and they were matted instead of knotted. I Guess they would have locked up eventually, but I digress.

Anyway, they're kinda fuzzy right now (pics to follow shortly), and I washed 'em today and fortunately they didn't loosen up all that much-just one dread and I've put a bead on that one.


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dreads bring people together, yo.

I was at this party last night, and I met this girl who used to have dreads down to her bum...
And she and I are going to re-dread her hair tomorrow!
Also, I met a nice gentlemen from Burma who has been growing his hair to get dreads, but didn't know where to go to get them; he has verrrry thin hair. He and I will be doing his dreads in the near future as well. Which is awesome.

I also gave my BFF zen sister her very own little dread behind her ear; she had dreads for a year and a half before she took them out. Her and I met on the day she did my dreads, and ever since then, we have become inseparable.

and thats my ramble.

han solo

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I'm getting my first tattoo Wednesday afternoon and i'm SO excited, I've been wanting one forever... I think Lish has a page on tattoo care? (maybe I'm just making that up lol), but if she does, could someone please link me? I would very much appreciate it. ^_^
I'll be sure to post pics once I get it.

love love love to you all! =D
cameo bunny


I realized shortly after putting my dreads in that I had a ton of Clay, and nothing to do with it, so I went ahead and made beads for myself.

As a note, I only wear them when I'm going out, and even then I'm constantly switching them around. They come out when I come home, and are usually lined up like this on my desk, waiting for me to go out again.

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missing hairr

so, ive been thinking about it and my dreads arent what i hoped they'd be, probably due to my own laziness.  and im starting to miss having hair.  My dreadies are 6 months old now.. and I was planning on getting rid of them next summer because Im going away to college and I just want that... but i guess im just looking for either reassurance or support.


old wax

Okay everybody... I'd just like to say that everything everyone says about wax sticking around forever in locks is true... or at least it is for me... I applied a very small amount of wax when I backcombed my hair and never again after... I am now combing them out 5 months later and finding every bit of wax. But anyways, the combing out is going well and I'm happy even though it's the end of a journey... I'll probably post more about it later once I get a sassy hair cut