April 6th, 2008

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i just got back from costa rica and had a blast...manny manny people with dreads. all of them offered me bud. ha but one of them did a little work on my hair and i dont know how i feel about it. i have a major problem with my roots dreading. ive got a good 5 inches of dreaded hair, minus a few spots where there are loops  which i'm also not quite sure what to do with. i took a needle and got most of it woven through and tied it with some thread. but he kinda wove my dreaded hair through it self in the area in the undreaded hair and it ended up looking kinda like a braid and i cant undo it but anybody who can give me a little advice on what to do in these areas and expecially what to do for my roots and the looped areas because no matter what i seem to do with them it doesnt help.

i'm Horrified!Bouahhhh

Yes, i just realised that some of my dreads are kind of undreading!They are opening!They become hair again!The tips are fine while going to the roots they seem & feel like hair!Also this happens to some roots!And like that, i dont think they'll ever knot!I searched the memories but i didnt find anything relevant!What should i do?Please show me your kindness.......:):):) :(

(oh, i think this happened after i brushed them!With a shampoo for ichy heads i think.And then for 2 days it was raining and i wasnt holding an umbrellaaaaaa *_* 
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ohhh...i rushed(did i?) and destroyed a dread which was like that................................Oh yeah, and if there is something in Memories, please delete me!:):)
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sorry no pictures but dready stories instead!

so my dreads are 2 weeks old and they're falling out again because i suck at backcombing but they're doing alright and definitely not as bad as last time. i've separated a few but they were already undone a lot so i don't think i did too much to stop the process, plus i like how it looks better. i love my hair now and i get so happy every time i look into the mirror! i think i was really ready to start this set.

last night i was out at this bar and this absolutely wasted guy came up to hit on me and kept calling me the girl with pretty eyes and crazy hair which i thought was funny. i got to explain to him and his friend the whole process. his friend was really interested and had no idea they took so much time. i guess that makes a little sense because whenever i see people around with dreads, they all look fairly matured unless i'm able to get a close-up peak.

when i got home my neighbor stopped by and he has started dreads! he's had them before but i think i inspired him to start a new set :)

*edit*: oh! and some boy in my class who sits next to me in class kept going on and on the other day about how he loves dreads and respects the patience and dedication they require and this and that! we only recently started being class buddies and i realize now that he started a conversation up with me only after i had these babies lol
snow white is dead


my dreads are about 5 months today. so i figured i'd do a small little timeline. there arent many week 1 pictures that really show them, cos i fail at cameras, and a lot of them are webcam pictures. but anyways, i started them in early december using backcombing and pretty much nothing else. my backcombing wasnt the best, so i have some weak spots. excuse the lint in them, my pillows rape my dreads every night, and i walk around with feathers in them to prove it. i had 35 when i started out, but last time i counted there was 31. either i counted wrong, or some were eaten by their mates.

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Im still drunk from last night.

Whats the best way to get hair to stay in your dread once you have sewn/crotcheted it in?

I always have trouble with 1 dread, with about 4 inches of hair next to it, that when I sew it in it doesn't sty. I have tried dreadballing (rubissh tech in my opinion), felting it once it's in, even using a band to keep it there, and nothing works! Any ideas?

Also, does anyone here have any biomech tattoos? I'm developing an obsession with these things!

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Happy Sunday! I come bearing photos of my month and a half old dreads, which are tightening and forming so freaking fast. Yesterday I got my first tattoo, which is actually the reason for my post. Lish wanted to see, so here you go!

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faeries do it better

what dreads are to me

 im having some personal thoughts on dreads and wanted to share with you all.....
dreads for me make a huge statement.  and more about myself than anyone else really.  but for me i feel as if having dreadlocks is a very spiritual journey.  maybe spiritual is the wrong word but its the strongest i could come up with.  its such a process.  i feel like its a way to shed old skin and better the self....become one with the spirit.  and maybe thats why i have yet to keep mine for a while.  i wanted dreads for a while and am thinking hard on getting them again.  and for me dreads have also felt this way.  i dont know perhaps i just read too much into things.....anyway...next week im dying my hair blond and i think i'll dread.

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I have a quick question for you guys. I looked through the memories & I didn't see anything, but I usually miss the obvious, so if it's there hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction.

I have a presentation to give on Tuesday & I'll need to do something with my hair to kind of hide my dreads. They're still babies, not even a week old, so I was just wondering if tying them back would be detrimental to the whole process. It's not going to be a short thing. I will be around my regional director, district manager, store managers from around my area, & several other partners all working on the same thing, all in all it should last around seven hours. This is something I've been working on for a while & I didn't really think through the presentation & the time I decided to start the dreading process, so this is all my fault, but I just wanted to know what kind of effect tying them back for this length of time will have on my babies, if any at all.

Thanks for the advice, guys.

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My dreads just looked good for the first time ever.

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I'm very happy, though. After leaving them to their own devices for the first 5 months, I've just started ripping and twisting the tips which were having a hard time locking up (my hair is naturally very soft). Admittedly they'd probably be a lot rounder if did more palm rolling, but I quite like them having their little kinks, and one starts to go flat I put a bead on it and move it about every day or so for about a week. I've found that it helps to round the dread and the friction helps it knot (I use big beads, so they slide about.)

Mega love!!


so i just wanted to make a post to celebrate this momentous milestone in my dreaded life

yesterday i was hanging with one of my friends and a bunch of her friends that i had just met, and this kid walks straight up to me and shakes my hand, i thought it was b/c i was new to the group and wanted to introduce himself, but he instead asks if i know where to "score some bud" hahaha, my first profiling as a pothead b/c of my dreads, i couldn't be more pleased.

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sooo bad bad week. Boyfriend broke things off this past Sunday, aaaand this Saturday would have been two years and four months of being together.  Sooo I cried and moped around all week (and continue to do so), but I didn't want to sit and cry all day Saturday.  I decided to instead make a maitanence appointment for my dreads.  So me and my friend Craig drove to Iowa and I got 'em all fixed up.  So now at the least I can say my hair's looking better!

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