April 10th, 2008

dreadhawk tutorial!

i finally got a chance to take pictures and put together the dreadhawk tutorial i promised ages ago. sorry it too so damn long, full-time college + full-time job + no internet at the apartment = lame!

anyway, without further ado, Collapse )

if anyone uses this tutorial or a variation thereof, post pictures! i would love to see if i can actually explain things to any degree of proficiency. also, questions and comments are totally welcome--this makes sense to me in my head because it's the method i use, but i acknowledge it might not be clear to others.

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i just got a hold of someone in the next biggest town over from me that starts dreads. when i asked what her methods are & asked if she uses wax (since i don't want it), she said no, but she uses gel. is gel alright, or should i ask her to go without? i'm definitely going to call back & make an appointment with her. i'm so excited. :D


I went for it!

I started my dreads yesterday. I'm going to spare you the pictures for now, mostly because it's quite difficult for me to take decent pictures of my own head, plus my arms are tired. Also, they're not much to look at, since they just look like fluff right now.

But yay!

And happy birthday to me. =D
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I'm not sure if you guys are familliar with the band HIM, but their guitar player Linde has the most amazing dreads. His hair is what inspired me to get dreads  : ]

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A gift from Goss :)


Edit:: It's come to my attention that I'm not just nuts and I -do- recognize her from somewhere...here.
But this is such an awesome hair style, I'm going to leave it up for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

The video is kinda long and blahblah, but the hairstyles and girl are super cute!