April 13th, 2008

History, dreads, dog and drenched

Lately every saterday ive made it a task of mine to visit and photograph one historical site in ireland. ive so far concentrated on megaltic burial sites with sparse, bordering on pathetic results. so far in five months ive found only one dolmen and one wedge tomb (hey! you try finding a particular rock on a mountain full of rocks!)

so resulting from a poll on my journal which gave the option of pictures from either a stone circle 20 minutes away or a castle in the middle of the country (i live on the coast) everyone voted for the castle. thanks guys!

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pray for nothing

Update and a tale of COLOR!

So I posted a bit ago with my greenish hair. It basically faded out to bleach blondness with a green tint. Oh man, it was bad. So I dyed it again and for one day I ended up with Ronald McDonald hair. So the next day (yesterday) I redyed the fuckers for the last time and am happy with it. Such an ordeal. I've been better at maintaining them too and they are coming along. They are 5 months old.

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kitty in a basket

my friend just started touching my hair

it freaked me out. it's no whole-foods old lady salad action, but it was still weird. i feel like if you're gonna touch someone's hair you should build up to it at least right? not just in the middle of a 4 person conversation? i told my friend that it made me uncomfortable and he stopped, but then a second later he asked if i was feeling alright as if it is abnormal for that to be uncomfortable. grrr.

also who here uses a hair dryer? i'm thinking about getting one.
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Sorry there's no images with this post. I thought I'd share with folks who'd understand.

Today while running around with my cousin we unfortunately ran into someone related to my family by marriage. I'm in Texas, so I'm quite used to closed minded folks, but I still can't help but get irked by them.

She said, "Hi kiddo (which annoyed me too because I am not a kid, nor do I know you well enough to have you call me by nicknames), what's wrong with your hair?"

I should have said, "Nothing's wrong with my hair", but I didn't. I just coldly responded that I have dreadlocks.

Cue stupid ignorance.

"Oh my God. Gross!"


I didn't say anything, but I totally should have said, "What's wrong with your face? It's all old and wrinkled and GROSS." Too bad I have respect for my elders and all that. I think though, next time I get a reaction like that I will be rude back.

I don't understand why people think it's okay to blatantly INSULT another. Isn't there something about "treat others as you'd like to be treated?" Am I the only one that remembers that anymore? I just boggles my mind that someone could think it's okay to insult another so openly.

I'll end this rant now... It just put a damper on my day. It's a good thing I had just come back from a pedicure and that the massage chair really relaxed me or I'd have gotten really heated.

crossposted to my journal.
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Time for a drastic cut......

In the last few months I have decided to make some changes with my hair, frankly it's too heavy and twice on public transport I've been unable to stand because fellow passengers have been sitting on my dreads. I thought I'd best get my wife to take a quick photo before the hair butchery began -
How long is this

So it is time for the cut -


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Of course I'm linking from Facebook so none of these may show up at all...
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